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Do you know router? A router can be defined as a tool of the network to connect some networks. There are a lot of routers, one of them is called Netgear. Some users might think that Internet router looks so strange looking box which is right in the corner along with its light flashing on and off. Some also do not feel have to know how the routers work. In fact, most of users only care when a problem occurs. In this case, they will just call the helpline for the Internet providers. On the other cases, some users could have solved the problem related to the router with just a little bit knowledge about the routers.

What is WPS? WPS is the acronym of Wi-Fi Protected /setup. As you probably know, Wi-Fi is always password-protected, whether publicly or privately. The networks of Wi-Fi have a password attached by default. The password can be found often at the back of the router which is no different when talking about a Netgear router. The smart users covert to change the password for the Wi-Fi network. It should be done for the security purpose. This one can make the hacker having a lot of harder time to break into the password that has been created by the user. This password i strong and it is a default so it is kind of hard to break. WPS button makes the Wi-Fi network temporary available without a password. This one is not the default option. If it is so, anyone within the range is able to have access to your Wi-Fi network. However, it can be a useful thing for certain circumstances.

Then, how to use the WPS button on a Netgear Router? The use of WPS button is exactly the same as any other router. So, the tutorial of using a Netgear router is similar to other routers. The very first thing that you will hav to make sure of is that the router is turned on. It can be checked easily by making sure that the power light is on. The light itself should be permanently on, it should not be flashing. In case it is not, please check that the router is actually plugged in. If it is not, then plug it in. The next step you have to do is to locate the WPS button at the back of the neck router and then press it. After that, get the computer or any mobile device you want to connect via WPS and activate the proper instruction on the device.


Real talk, why do the user uses WPS? Apparently, the are a lot of reasons behind the use of WPS. The reasons include you have to connect the Wi-Fi network quickly and without having to worry about the passwords and other similar things. It would be a lot of easier and more convenient when you press the WPS button and connect to the device that way on using the wireless printers you use.

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