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WmiPrvSE.exe is also known as WMI Provider Host. This term is a Windows Host Management Process. It used by Developers to monitor of the apps of Windows. This thing usually can be seen after the process of upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10. In this case, there is a spike in the usage of CPU that can make the machine lag, hot, and slow. This kind of thing should be fixed soon because it can be a risk for your computer, laptop, or tab.

According to some sources, the process of it using more than 50% of the CPU power, especially when you use the media apps. Before going to the method to fix the problem, let’s talk about WMI company host a bit more. WMI Provider Host is an acronym for Windows management service provider carrier. This includes as the essential provider. This one might be hard to manage the apps without this manner. If this thing stopped, the function of some gadgets will be error.  You as the user may not get the notifications for various mistakes.

The reliable WmiPrvSE.Exe is located in the home Windows/System32 folder. However, the malware can conceal itself and place itself in any folder. So, please check the properties or the report to isolate this opportunity and experiment it along with the antivirus.

There are some methods related to WmiPrvSE.exe. The first one is WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage. To do this method, you hav to open Run and type services.msc and then restart the Windows Management Instrumentation Service. Then, check if this thing can fix the issue of Wmi Provider Host Windows 10 or not. If it cannot be a help, please try another alternative by opening Run and type msdt.exe –id MaintenanceDiagnostic and then press the enter.

The second method is Run the System Performance Troubleshooter. To do this, you have to open Command Prompt and type msdt.exe/id PerformanceDiagnostic. Then, press the enter to run the Performance Troubleshooter. This troubleshooter can help the user to adjust settings and it also can solve Wmi Provider Host CPU usage.

The last method is called Safe Mode. To use this method, you have to pen Run and type msconfig before hitting the enter button. Then, navigate to Booth by clicking the box for Safe boot and choose Network. Next, please click Apply and then OK in order to save. After that, click Restart to enter Safe Mode. In the menu of Safe Mode, please press Windows key and X and select Windows PowelShell as the admin. Please type msdt.exe –id MaintenanceDiagnostic, then hit the enter button.

In the order to get to the next stage, click Next so the troubleshooting can run and scan your system. Identify and fix it if there is any problem happens. Now, you have to type msdt.exe /id PerformanceDiagnostic and click enter. Wait a minute until it is running. Once it is done, close the safe mode and boot it into the normal mode.

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