Windows 7 Failure Configuring Windows Updates Reverting Changes Stuck

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Normally, Windows will download and install updates if the auto updater is turned on. But one day, you see that it gets stuck and a notification from the screen says ‘Failure configuring Windows updates, Reverting changes, Do not turn off your computer’. If it happens, how to solve it? There are some steps that you can follow to solve the problem of failure configuring windows updates reverting changes Windows 7 stuck.

  1. Waiting to Revert or Force Restart. If you are stuck on the screen that is error, you can wait for the computer to revert the changes. This process will take half an hour until several hours. If the process is done, your PC must boot and follow the next step. If you do not want to waste your time by waiting your computer reverting the changes, you can force restart your computer. If there is not a restart button, you can press and hold the power button until the computer shuts down. Then, start the computer again and keep pressing F8 again and again to enter safe mode. If you are able to enter safe mode, take the steps below.
  2. Creating System Restore Point (Optional). Open “Start” menu and then click “Computer”. After that, select “Properties”. Thereafter, click “System protection”. Under the System protection tab, click “Create”. Give the restore point a name and then click “Create”. Windows will make a system restore point and if it is complete, you will have a message that it was created successfully. We do this because if something goes wrong during the next step, you are able to restore your system from this point and you can get everything to be back like before.
  3. Using Windows Update Troubleshooter. In this step, you will fix the update error problem using the built-in troubleshooter on your windows computer. Go to “Control Panel” and click “Find and Fix Problems”. Subsequently, click” Fix problems with Windows Update” which is under “System and Security” section. Then, a window will come up and there you have to click on “Advance” and click on “Run as Administrator”. Make sure that the check mark under that is available. After that, click on “Next”. In this stage, windows update troubleshooter will try to fix the problem automatically and denote you the results if the process is complete.
  4. Deleting Windows Update Cache. In this stage, you will delete windows update cache that may resolve the problem. First, turn off several devices. Go to “Start” menu and then type services.msc in the search box and press “Enter”. In the service window, you can scroll down to find “Windows Update”. After you find it, double click it and then click “Stop” in that window and then “OK”. It will stop the windows update service. You have to stop “Background Intelligent Transfer Service” as well like you stopped windows update service. You can find it in the services window, too. Then, go to the drive, the location that you use to install windows. Go to “Windows” folder and “SoftwareDistribution” folder. Delete everything from inside the “DataStore” and “Download” folder with “Administrator” permission.  At last, start Windows Update service and Background Intelligent Transfer Service.

Hopefully, the problem of failure configuring windows updates reverting changes stuck Windows 7 that you are experiencing can be solved by following the steps above.

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