Windows 10 Upgrade Stuck at 99% – Quick Fix

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Now, perhaps you are trying to upgrade your PC. The process runs well until 99%. But after that, the process freezes and remains in the same position for hours, Windows 10 upgrade stuck at 99%. If you experience that, you have to know that there are a lot of speculations about why this can happen. It likely happens because of the hardware power is sufficient. It also can happen because of incompatible Windows update and pending Windows updates.

Here, we will try to give you some solutions to this problem.

  1. Install Pending Updates. You can try to install pending windows updates. This error can happen because you did not update your system of Windows 7 earlier. Be sure that you download and install all the latest updates now. To do you can that, you can click Start Menu and go to Settings. Then, locateWindows Updates and click Check for Updates button. Now, wait for the system to complete the search and if there are pending updates found, you can install them.
  2. Stop Windows Update Service. If Windows 10 upgrade stuck at 99% issue happens because of the conflict with upgrading process, the best solution is to stop Windows Update Service. You can start this process by clicking Windows + R to open RUN. Then, you can type Services.msc in the Run and then press Enter. If you see Windows services, click Start or search for Services.msc. In the Services list, search for Windows Update and double click on it. By doing the steps above, you open Properties of Windows Update Service. Then, you click Stop and change the Startup type to Manual. Click Applyand then close the window. At last, wait for the Windows 10 upgrade to complete.
  3. Windows Media Creation Tool. You can try to upgrade your PC using Windows Media Creation Tool. Windows Upgrade Assistant perhaps is the core of Windows 10 upgrade stuck at 99% error. This does not always work for every user but you can try first if you have not tried it yet. It permits you to download ISO as well so you can have Windows 10 in a Flash Drive and use it anytime. To update using Windows Media Creation Tool, you can start by downloading the Media Creation Tool first. After that, double click on the setup file to launch the tool. Then, you can follow the instructions on the screen until you get to Windows Setup. Choose upgrade this PC now and click Next. If the process of download is done, you can click Accept to agree to terms and conditions. Be sure that you have chosen Keep Personal Files and apps in the installer that is chosen by default. If not then click Change what to keep link in the setup to change the settings. At last, click Install to start the Windows 10 anniversary update.

So, you can try one of the methods above to fix the Windows 10 upgrade that is stuck at 99%. Thank you for reading this article. Hopefully, it can help your problem.

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