What Temperature Kills Bed Bugs Cold

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Bed bugs are the insects which feed the human blood. They hide in the dark places close to where the humans sleep. Usually the bed bugs crawl out to feed once the people are fast asleep. As we know that to survive, bed bugs need human blood. However, the bed bugs are able to live for a year without the human blood. Even they are able to live longer during they still stay to hide. If you find bed bugs in your home, you have to get rid them as soon as because bad bugs can be a serious problem if you do not eliminate or remove the bed bugs from your home. Actually, there are many tips which can you do to kill bed bugs.

You have to know that bed bugs cannot withstand in the temperature cold. So you are able to get rid bed bugs by putting the infested items in the freezer for some days. By the way, what temperatures cold that can kill bed bugs? Based on the research, bed bugs cannot withstand in the temperature cold at 0 degree Fahrenheit. When you put infested items in the freezer, it can kill the bed bugs. The process of freezing causes ice to form inside the bed bugs. So it make them injury and death. Actually, there are many people who do this way to kill bed bugs. This way is one of the easy ways to get rid bed bugs. If you want to try this way, you just need some plastic bags to put the items which you want to freeze and you need also a remote thermometer.

What Temperature Kills Bed Bugs Cold

What any items which can be frozen? There are some items which can be frozen to get rid bed bugs. These items can you see in the text below.

  1. Cloths
  2. Shoes
  3. Toys
  4. Dolls
  5. Books
  6. Pictures
  7. Belt
  8. Bag
  9. Jewelry
  10. Electronic without an LCD screen

What temperatures are required? If you want to freeze the items, there are several things which should you known. Let us its explanation in the text below.

  1. You have to know that the temperature of your freezer is very important. If you do not set the temperature correctly, so the bed bugs cannot die. The lower the temperature and the less time needed to kill bed bugs.
  2. You have to ensure that your freezers set to 0°F. It is very effective to kill bed bugs. But do not forget that you have to freeze it for at least 4 days.
  3. In this case, if you are worried about your temperatures are low enough or not, so you can use a remote thermometer and monitor the temperature inside the items.
  4. Remember that you do not use the temperatures above 0°F (-15°C) because the eggs and small bed bugs are still survive.
  5. To kill bed bugs, 0°F must be reached in the center of the materials being frozen.

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