What Does Bed Bug Poop Look Like

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Beside blood stains, another thing that can be a sign of the presence of bed bugs is bed bug droppings. After bed bugs feed, they will leave behind droppings of your partially digested blood. The droppings or poop of bed bugs can indicate that you have been bitten during you sleep, even though by no means offer definitive proof. Poop of bed bugs comes up as clusters of small spots on your bed. The poop consist of digested blood, so they are not red anymore when they are dried. The spots are darker, rust colored or black and the size is about a dot from a marker.  The poop of bed bugs is smooth to the touch unlike cockroach poop that is more granular in feel. The poop matter is easy to smear and can stain mattresses, sheets, furniture, drapes, chairs and sofas quickly.

Droppings of bed bugs are not exclusive to just the bed. In a heavily infested room, they are able to show up on the carpet, behind the headboard, along the edges of the wall and anywhere else bed bugs are known to hide. If you think that there is an infestation, you have to make sure to check all those places thoroughly for stains. By identifying the droppings of bed bugs can also keep you from inadvertently bringing bed bugs into your home. Any time you buy something second-hand such as clothing or furniture, you have to check the item carefully for telltale stains of bed bugs droppings because bed bugs can travel on those items and it permits them to infiltrate your home. Then, if you find any sign of the presence of bed bugs in the items that you buy, do not bring the item inside.

What Does Bed Bug Poop Look Like

Then, if you see bed bug stains on your clothes or sheets, it can be the blood stains or poop of bed bugs, you can clean it. First, you can pre-treat stains with an enzyme based fabric stain remover. You can spray the stain remover directly to the spots. The most products usually recommend waiting no more than 30 minutes before you wash the fabric. You can buy these kinds of stain removers at most general retailers and grocery stores. After that, you are able to wash the fabric as you would normally on the cold setting. The cold setting can keep the proteins in the organic stains loose. Then, if you still see remaining stains in your fabric, you can do spot treat with hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. To prevent unimportant stress on the fabric, you can blot only at stains for about 10 to 15 minutes. If you do that any longer, it can damage the fabric. After that, you can dry it by using air. You can repeat the cleaning process if necessary. Then, you can dry your laundry on low heat. You can set your dryer to the lowest heat setting if air drying the fabric is not an option. If you find bed bugs stains in your clothes or sheets, it is better if you clean them as soon as possible to prevent them from becoming permanent.

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