What Does Bed Bug Feces on Sheets Look Like

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If you see blood stains, bed bugs feces and even bed bugs eggs in your home whether they are on your bed, sheets, the cracks around your furniture, and sofa, it can be confirmed that you have bed bugs in your home. Well, perhaps some of you are still confused how the bed bugs feces on sheets look like. Lately, perhaps you often see dirty spots on your sheets but you do not know what it is.

Bed bugs feces on sheets look like the marks of a felt tip pen and tend to bleed into the fabric and look as if you went to bed with an open sharpie pen. If you inspect for bed bugs, you can find stains like these on your sheets or pillow case on the mattress. Feces stains or actual droppings can be found as well around the harborages where bed bugs are hiding when they are not busy feeding.

Identifying droppings of bed bugs is a step in the right direction to recognizing a bed bug infestation. If the bed bugs have fed, they will leave droppings. The droppings of bed bugs can indicate that you have been bitten during sleeping. Droppings of bed bugs appears as clusters of small spots on your bed. And the droppings itself will consist of digested blood. So, the droppings is no longer red once they dry. The spots of droppings will be darker, rust colored or black and the size is about a dot from a marker. If you find the stains of bed bugs droppings on your bed, then you have to check the other areas such as around the corners, under the sheets, in the creases of the mattress and edges of bed to make sure that there are bed bugs in your home. Even though people often find bed bugs in the bed, but you also have to check on the other areas such as carpet, behind the headboard, along the edges of the wall and the other places where bed bugs are known to hide.

What Does Bed Bug Feces on Sheets Look Like

Recognizing the droppings of bed bugs can also keep you from inadvertently bringing bed bugs into your home. For example, you buy something second-hand,  it can be clothes or furniture, you have to always check the item carefully for telltale stains of bed bug droppings. Because you know what?Bed bugs are actually able to travel on these items, permitting them to infiltrate your home. If you then find any sign of their presence in the items, do not bring the item inside your home.

Sometimes, bed bugs are like an invisible threat. They hide all day, emerge briefly to feed on their host in the dead of night and then disappear again. The bites of bed bugs can also be difficult to identify and depending on your sensitivity to them. Perhaps, they may not show up on your skin at all.  If you find that you have a lot of bed bugs in your home, you can use rubbing alcohol to kill them and use mattress encasement in mattress. Or if the infestation is already severe, you can call professional such as Terminix to repel the bed bugs.

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