What Do Bed Bugs Eggs Look Like

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Almost every insect hatches from eggs, and bed bugs are no exception. Please read the entire article to know what do bed bugs eggs look alike and learn more about some of the unique characteristics of bed bug eggs.

To see a bed bug egg without a magnifying glass can be quite difficult. They are like the size of a grain or a spec of dust, oval in shape, and whitish in color. As you probably know, beg bug eggs are so small with around 0.1 inches to 2.5 mm. Just like many eggs of the other insects, bed bug eggs are sticky to touch. This is why it is similar to cooked white rice. Its stickiness allows them to cling to the surface easily lie the seams of the mattresses and the bed sheets.

How many bed bug eggs does a female lay? On the average, female adult bed bugs will lay one to 5 eggs each day. It means that they can lay as many as 500 eggs in their entire life (as bed bugs can live up to a year). The bed bugs eggs can be laid on almost any surface, especially in the cracks or rough surfaces. The other places to find the bed bugs eggs are in the dark corners, bedding, and probably in the other well hidden and hard to reach places. Those eggs can hatch in roughly a week or so at room temperature. When the eggs of the bed bugs hatch, the immature bed bugs which also known as nymphs, show up. at first, nymphs are translucent but they will gradually turn reddish brown as they molt. Once the nymphs hatch, they will immediately look for the blood meal before molting five times over the course of the life cycle.

What Do Bed Bugs Eggs Look Like

After talking about what do bed bugs eggs look like, have you ever wondered how do bed bugs reproduce? In fact, bed bugs have the unconventional way of reproducing. The bed bugs mate by a process known as “traumatic insemination” it is the process in which the mail bug actually pierces the abdomen of the female and ejaculates into it. Then,the female bed bugs can keep the sperm for up to 6 weeks after the process.

Thinking about the eggs of the bed bugs seems scary. Is there any way to get rid of the bed bugs eggs? You can use the product of bed bugs killer to treat the bed bug infestation or prevent a future infestation. To get one, you can visit the supermarket near your area or look around online. If you feel like you cannot do it by yourself, please get a help from the patrol of the bed bugs near your place. Another question is, can bed bugs eggs travel? It will be the bad news for everyone but the answer to the question is unfortunately yes. There is the possibility that you bring home clothes, bedding, luggage, or other items containing the eggs of the bed bugs if you ever been in contact with the infected are like hotel room.

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