What Attracts Bed Bugs to Humans

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Bed bugs are known as the small bugs with about ¼ inch in length. They have reddish brown color. Talking about their appearance, they are flat. Those insects feed on blood, mostly from humans and animals in some others. Still, humans are their first choice. Among the animals, they love mice and rabbits the most. Some of them can suck the blood on the same host that usually how the infestation of the bed bug is discovered. Even they sometime suck on the same host, there have been no reported cases of the bed bugs transferring diseases to their host via bites.

Bed bugs seem like the thing from the past, but the fact is that it is still be the topic in the household. In North America, this pest even become the growing issue. Do you want to know more about bed bugs? Please read the entire article so your knowledge will be added by some fresh information.

The bed bugs arrived for the very first time on the continent over 3,000 years ago. It was when the early colonists come over. At that time, those travelers carried the bed bugs with them and this thing become a big problem. Actually, they were nearly vanished by the 1950’s. Sad to say, bed bugs managed to return due to the effectiveness of the pesticides wearing down. Those pests began their return around 1995. Started from that time, there were some cases reported the rise of the infestations.

If you assume that there are bed bugs in your home, you might question yourself about what attracts the bed bugs to your house and humans. Some people believe that dirty place attract bed bugs. This is absolutely wrong as every place can be inhabited by them, even the cleanest of houses or the most luxurious hotel. For your information, bed bugs were associated with less than the ideal living condition back several decades ago. Here are some things that bed bugs are attracted to and why.


The first one is the carbon dioxide. It is because this one is what we exhale. As you know, bed bugs are attracted to every human. This thing is like something they crave and they will look for it. this fact also explains why they sometimes fed on the other things aside from humans.

The second one is warmth. The body of the human can create the heat at the night when they are fast asleep when regulating their temperature under the sheets of the bed. It is even better for the bed bugs if the two humans or more sharing the same bed as they will increase the warmth of the temperature.

Those two things mentioned above are the things that primarily attract bed bugs. There are some myths that will make you believe that having the dirty clothing on the floor will make those pests attracted. That is so wrong. In reality, the can live in the cleanest place, as stated before.

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