What Are The Symptoms of Bed Bugs

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Do you find red spots in your arms? Then, you suspect that those spots happen because of bed bugs bites. But, you are not really sure about that because you do not know for sure the symptoms of bed bug bites. Well, it is better for you to know what the symptoms of bed bugs are so that you can identify whether the red spots on your arms come from bed bugs or not.

Before we learn about the symptoms of bed bugs, it is better for us to know first about the bed bug itself. Bed bugs are categorized into insects that are small, flat and oval-shaped. They do not have wings so that they cannot fly or even jump. Usually, they move from one place to another by crawling. The size of bedbugs are about 1 to 7 millimeters. The color is reddish and brown and they feed on blood from humans or animals. They are active at night and they feed on their victims while they sleep.

What Are The Symptoms of Bed Bugs

If you are bitten by bed bugs, some people will not experience a reaction to a bed bug bite at all. But some others, experience symptoms of a bite like the following.

  • A bite with a red, swollen area and a dark red center.
  • Bites in a line or grouped together in a small area.
  • Hives or blisters at the bite site.

Bed bugs are able also leave their bites in straight rows and while they do not spread diseases to humans, their bites are quite irritating and scratching them and can lead to bleeding and infection. Bed bugs tend to feed on exposed skin like that on your arms and shoulders that you may tend to leave uncovered  while sleeping. This is different from fleas and chiggers that tend to bite around the ankles. When you are bitten by bed bugs, the symptoms does not always appear immediately after your have been bitten. Sometimes, they take several days to begin causing symptoms. The bites of bed bugs are often very itchy. You may experience a burning sensation on the skin some days after you have bitten. You will not feel the bugs bite you because they excrete a small amount of anesthesia into your body before they bite. In case you scratch the bite, it can cause a secondary infection which can lead to swelling and bleeding.

The symptoms of bed bug bite is similar to mosquito or flea bites visually. But, bed bug bites can come up in small groupings or in a straight line. Different from bed bug, mosquito bites are more sporadic and flea bites are very small and typically located on your legs or ankles. If you find that you are bitten by bed bugs, you do not have to worry because bed bugs do not transmit diseases when they bite you. But, if you are allergic to a bed bug’s bite, you can experience more dramatic symptoms. The most common symptoms of an allergic reaction to a bed bug bite are engorged bite marks, painful swelling and burning at the bite site. In a rare case, there is also an anaphylactic response.

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