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For the user of Apple, iTunes is one of the most important and useful software. Unfortunately, there is the error which occurs on it. The error is called iTunes Error 45054. That error may appear when you try to use iTunes for downloading or performing any task. Commonly, there are the causes of iTunes Error 45054. The error can be caused by outdated iTunes, Disk permission, Corrupt System Files, Internet Problems, Blue Screen of Death, Damaged DLLs, Freezing Computer and Virus Damage.

Are you Apple user? Have you ever got the problem about iTunes Error 45054? Do you know what the method to fix iTunes Error 45054? Well, in this opportunity we will share you the methods to fix iTunes Error 45054. If you get iTunes Error 45054, so you can try to fix it by using several methods which will we explain in the text below. Fortunately, there are the easy methods to fix iTunes Error 45054. Let’s see and follow its methods step by step.

Method 1: This method is used on a PC.

  1. Please close iTunes if it’s open.
  2. Then press “Windows Key + R”. Press Enter.
  3. In the search box, please type “%ProgramData%”. Press Enter.
  4. After that please show any hidden files.

–          For Windows 7: Click on “Organize” > “Folder and search options” > select “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”.

–          For Windows 8: Click on “View” > “Options” > select “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”.

–          For Windows 10: Click on “View” > select “Hidden items”.

  1. Next you have to open the Apple Computer folder.
  2. Then please open the iTunes folder.
  3. Please right-click the “SC Info” folder and delete it.
  4. Please right-click the “adi” folder and delete it.
  5. After that you can restart your computer.
  6.  When our computer reboots, you can run iTunes again and check if Error 45054 is resolved.

Method 2: This method is used on a mac.

  1. Please close iTunes if it’s open.
  2. To make sure that you are in Finder, you have to click your desktop.
  3. Then select “View” > “As Columns” from the menu bar at the top of your computer screen.
  4. Afterwards select “Go” > “Go to Folder” from the menu bar at the top of your computer screen.
  5. Next, in the window which appears, please type the phrase: /Users/Shared/adi
  6. After that please click Go. 
If you see a message that says “The folder cannot be found”, so you can check to see if /Users/Shared exists by going to /Users/.


Method 3: Using Repair Disk Permission.

  1. Please navigate to “Applications”.
  2. Then select “Utilities”.
  3. After that you have to double click on “Disk Utility”.
  4. Afterwards you will see your Mac Hard Disk on the left Pane. Please select it to highlight two options which are “Verify Disk permission” and “Repair Disk permission”.
  5. Now you will use “Repair Disk permission”.

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