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In 1985, Microsoft introduced its first operating system. Since that, there were many new updates and upgrade of the operating system itself. Besides it has many new features and utilities. Microsoft was released Windows 10 as the latest one. Many people who used Windows 10. In fact, there are many also people who still use the old Windows version such as Windows 7 or Windows 8. We think each Windows has the advantages and disadvantages itself. Unfortunately, there are many error codes which occur in Windows. By the way, do you ever get the Windows error code? Do you understand what is means that error code? How the solution to fix it? Well, at the moment, in this article we will share you the list of Windows error codes. Let’s see in the text below to know its means and the solution for fixing it.

Error #2

Error Message: System cannot find specified file

To fix this error, if you are missing a part of the files required to run a command, you have to reinstall your given application. Besides you can also check out the different sections of your hard drive via computer. Usually once you are missing a file, this error will pop up and tell you what file you are missing exactly. Therefore, you have to use your search engine and find these files.

Error #5

Error Message: Access Denied

To fix this error, you have to ensure that the user account’s permissions are correct. Besides you have to ensure that you are right clicking an App and running as administrator, rather than only double-clicking the App.

Error #6

Error Message: Stack Overflow

To fix this error, you can reboot your system. But sometime it is does not work, so you have to look at your RAM. It may be cause of this error. In fact, damaged RAM can cause this error often occur. We suggest you to replace your RAM.

Error #14

Error Message: Not enough storage is available to complete this operation

To fix this error, you have to free up some space on your hard drive. There are several ways to free up some space on your hard drive. To do it, you are able to start with getting rid of unwanted programs. However, it will be better to expand your storage.

Error #15

Error Message: System cannot find the drive specified

In a case, if the system cannot detect drive specified, to fix this error, you can fix it by rebooting. Actually, there is possible cause which makes this error occur. It can be caused by a virus or other hardware/software problem. If this error due to virus, you can remove it.


Error #608

Error Message: The device does not exist

To fix this error, you have to check whether or not the device is connected properly. After that you have to ensure if the driver is installed properly. In a case, if this method cannot fix the error, you can try contacting the manufacturer of the device.

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