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Welcome to the Ultimate PS4 Error Code List. In this page, you will be given some information about the errors that can occur in PS4 along with the solutions. Before talking about all of them, it is better for you to know about the structure of those errors. The error codes consist of a string containing the two letters along with its specific meaning, five digits followed by a hypen and one final digit.

The similar error might occur under different error code in case you are facing an error that is not listed here. Please just look for the error message rather than its code. For instance, error code WC-40355-7 and E-8000102 refer to the error concerning adding funds to a sub account. The solution work for both of them.

The first error is related to CE or common errors. There is CE-33987-0 which means that the Internet connection test error. You might face this error in the process of sign in of Play Station Network (PSN). As the solution, please test the Internet connection by going to Settings > Network > Test Internet Connection. You can try resetting the local network connection when testing the connection does not fix the issue. To reset it, you just have to reboot the modem or the router. Also, you might have to update the router firmware by contracting the router manufacturer or ISP (Internet Service Provider) for assistance.

The second error is related to E or Exceptions. In this one, there is an error called E08200002E which is credit card on file is not valid. This is when the credit card or the debit card information stored on the account is not valid. To fix the problem, you have to remove the credit card from the account and then re-enter the card information.

The third error is about NP or Play Station Network. There is an error related to network connection timed out which is called NP-31952-0. This one appears when the network connection is unstable or not strong enough. Please place the PS4 and the router close to each other and perform the connection test in order to fix the error.

The fourth one is related to network. This one refers to a network connection or server failure. There are a lot of errors that have something to do with network, including NW-31374-8 (connection timed out), NW-31456-9 (connection error), NW-31205-1 (internal server error), and so on. The solution to fix those errors are almost similar. In most cases, the only things you can do are testing the connection, checking the status of PSN, checking the DNS settings, and getting a better Wi-Fi.

The fifth one is related to SU or software update. There is the one that update data of system software is partially corrupted. This one is called SU-35931-1. This kind of error can occur when the network is unstable. In order to solve the issue, you have to restart the system and re-download the system update. If this one does not work, you can try to update via USB.

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