Troubleshooting HTTP Error 405 Method Not Allowed

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There are a lot of errors occur on the Internet. One of them is called “Troubleshotting HTTP Error 405 Method Not Allowed”. Have you heard about this error? Have you gotten one? What does this error mean? Error 405 Method Not Allow can be mean that whichever method you requested is not allowed by the URL you are trying to visit. Then, what causes of this error? The possible causes are a virus in the web browser or related files and corruption in Windows registry key. As addition, this error can be linked to the configuration of the server and security of the website.

There are several ways to get rid of this kind of error. Please note that these method are only for the users of the Windows. The first one is performing a Malware scan. This method is the easiest. There is the possibility that this error is caused by the Malware of the virus infection on the PC. The worst thing is that these things can damage, corrupt, or even delete the data code within the browser. In this case, you have to get rid of them soon because the longer they stay, the more damage they can do.

The second one is repairing Registry Entries. In this method, you have to use a registry cleaner software to scan the key. It is because there will be a risk such as creating the damage to your operating system if you change the keys by yourself, unless you are the PC service processional. Aside from scanning the key, it also can repair the error if needed to. There is a great feature of the software which is a backup that automatically created before the scan. In this case, it will protect you from the damage to your operating system. Another plus point is that it will fix other error beside error 405 so the speed and performance of the PC will be improved.

The third one is adding a script map for the extension. You have to follow these steps in order to add the script map on Windows. First, start by going to the Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services > Computer Name. Second, right click on Default Web Site and then select Properties. Third, please select the Home Directory tab from the tabs that pop up and then click Configuration. Fourth, select the Mappings tab and then click Add. Fifth, click the button of the Browse and pick Dynamic Link Libraries from the Files Type. Sixth, enter c:\WINDOWS\System32\inetsrv\asp.dll.. seventh, type .html in the box of Extension. Eighth, click on “Limit to:” button and the type in “GET, POST” in the ox beside it. Last, click OK button and finally you have added a script map.


If those methods above are hard, there is another one that comes straight from the support of Microsoft. The solution referred is checking the server extensions. Please visit the official website of Microsoft to know more about it. it does not matter which on you want to try, the most important thing is that the error will be fixed soon.

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