Top 10 Free Movie Download Websites Legally

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So many new movies that appear in the cinema every month, certainly not all the movies we can watch in the cinema. Either because of a collision with time or because of money.
If that happens, you do not have to be discouraged. Because, now there are many web sites that provide downloads of new movies.
Unfortunately, most long lists of free movie provider sites are illegal. Maybe for some people, this is important because it involves prestige and morale. Reported by Techworm, following JalanTikus provide a list of the best and completely legal movie download sites that also offer free movies.

1. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a free legal movie provider site. From begin trailers, widescreen movies, short films, and silent movies that you can download in torrents. In addition, you can also enjoy a collection of music and books.

2. Retrovision

The best legal film provider site that offers the next free movie is Retrovision. You can easily download movies by category. Because the look of this site is very user-friendly.
Movies are archived into various popular categories like Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Cartoon, Sci-Fi, Horror, War, Drama, and Western. If you want to search all content in one place, just press the All Movie button.

3. Crackle

Crackle is another free movie provider site. As a site owned by Sony, most Crackle movies have copyright and Sony has a huge collection of amazing movies.
This site offers many popular movies and TV shows that you might not find anywhere else. “Firefly”, “Seinfeld”, “Jeopardy”, and many more movies that became offerings from Crackle.

4. MoviesFoundOnline

In MoviesFoundOnline, you can download independent movies, TV shows, stand-up comedy, short films for documentaries, and more for free. In addition, you can also directly stream video if you do not want to bother downloading.

5. Open Culture

Open Culture is a legal film provider site that offers high quality movies from around the world. In addition to movies, Open Culture also provides free online courses, e-books, audiobooks. There are about 1150 movies that you can download for free.

6. PopcornFlix

The next legal film provider site is PopcornFlix. This site offers free streaming movies, there are thousands of films spread across categories such as drama, action, comedy, horror, and more. PopcornFlix also has all the original films from National Geographic and many amazing nature documentaries that must be watched.

7. Classic Cinema Online

As the name implies, Classic Cinema Online is intended for you heavy fans of classic movies. This website offers excellent movie search feature that allows you to easily select genres quickly without complications.


Hulu is also a legal film provider, though not completely free. You have to subscribe to have access to movies as much. Even so, you can still enjoy movies for free but with limited content. On this site, you can watch popular free TV shows in the 1990s and 2000s.

9. Public Domain Torrents

Public Domain Torrents is a legal film provider site that you can download as a torrent file that is copyrighted and completely legal. This free movie download website provides old and classic movies that you can enjoy.

10. Youtube

Maybe this one site is a favorite site for most people. In addition to menyedikan various videos, YouTube is also a warehouse of Hollywood movies.
If you search more deeply, you will definitely find a channel that lets you watch it for free. If you’re a fan of indie movies, YouTube is also the biggest source of movies.

That’s Top 10 Free Movie Download Websites Legally, providers offering free movies, from new movies, classic movies, to special movies that are only available on certain sites. Which one is your favorite site?

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