There is A Problem With Your Wireless Adapter Or Access Point!

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If you have problems with today? PCs that have 10 windows can cause problems for wireless adapters. Issues related to the adapter or the access point that is not configured as it should be configured. A big problem and very common is the error message on the screen that shows the problems with the wireless adapter or access point. “Here in my article, I’ll show you how to cope with such problems on a wireless adapter!

Do you have a problem with the wireless adapter or access point? Here are some of the reasons and solutions to this problem. Take a look:

There may be a problem with the driver for the Wi-Fi adapter. Sometimes the Wi-Fi configuration profile is corrupted, and it could be the cause of the problem. To solve this problem, you can ‘forget network’ or ‘delete wireless profile’;

Window key + X> Power user menu> Command prompt (Admin)

  • Next you will see something like this – C: \ WINDOWS \ system32> netsh wlan delete profile name = ‘Wireless Profile Name’ _

  • Then press the Enter key.
  • Now again on and then again configure

Sometimes the old and outdated driver can also cause this type of error. If so, then you must have an updated drive. To this end

  • Visit and discover the latest version of drivers and downloads or
  • Listen to the CD you received with your wireless adapter.

The access point and wireless adapter also depends on your password as you may need to support the password of your Wi-Fi network for a while. So if you inadvertently enter the wrong password, you may experience such problems. To solve this, you should try to connect the network. During this process, remember the character of your keyboard.

Another possible reason is “anti-virus software.” Yes, I understand that the anti-virus software for online security and PC, but sometimes it can cause problems with the wireless adapter or access point. To resolve this issue, you must do so.

To overcome the problem of the router or access point, our knowledge can be disabled. Some third-party application installation may be the reason for the wireless adapter is not compatible.

And if you want to confirm the connections between the access point, you can proceed;

  • Window button + X> Device Manager> Find your wireless adapter
  • Driver> Activate

Then you should examine the router or access point. If you accidentally have incorrect configuration on your router, you can deal with such problems. So press the ‘Reset’. Do not forget to save your current configuration. And if you are not sure about your configuration settings, use only the router guide. If everything is fine and solved, and you are still having problems with a wireless adapter or access point, examine the access point or router problem because it may be a problem with the Wi-Fi adapter driver.

Finally, try to avoid such problems because it can hold back your Internet transactions. According to me, the problem can be with a driver, a router, a Wi-Fi adapter, antivirus software, or some access points. Have patience and leave the things one after the other.┬áThank you for reading this article until the last paragraph, if this article useful you can share to social media Google+, Facebook and others. thanks. – John Sadino –

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