The Driver Detected a Controller Error on Device Harddisk1 DR1

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Author gets the information from the forum there are problems with the GDR. He then went into the event display and noticed that often the same errors on disk 1 and harddisk4 —- but he only has one hard drive in his computer and never more than one hard drive.

This shows that the “disk” is the source of event 11
And the details given:
“Drivers detection controller error on \ Device \ Harddisk4 \ DR4”
“The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk1\DR1”

There were 359 cases of these errors during the last 24 hours.

Another common error is: Event 1002 source DHCP client
“ IP address lease for the network card with network address 002268054E38 has been denied by the DHCP server”

The system that he get some BSOD, although every day is not, only once or twice a week, but it seems clear there is something wrong when the event display shows so much daily errors – or whether all computers have a large number of Errors every day in the event display
Thanks in advance. He said it that way, and the author also listens for answers from some forum members;

1. Do not always worry about router message if your connection otherwise OK. Just fyi .. I use a Netgear router (and also my sister) and I see the same event log messages on all my computers as well as so, at least not necessarily a real problem.

2. prioritize your controller error message as 359 for example a lot! But when I look online, I found some links about the subject but not clear and consistent info about it 🙁 (Maybe someone else might know more? Or could give a better answer). Is the error still happening? As long as this seems to happen, try clicking Start-> Run, enter diskmgmt.msc.

Others provide solutions;

Unzip the attached file and unpack the file on your desktop

> Double-click to run DeviceInfo.bat
> It should make Device.txt file on your desktop. Bring you to your next post

The file should contain some information about your hard drive device names and the last 50 error messages in the system event log and your applications. So you can see if it gives me a better clue.

There are also other solutions provided by members;

1) Re: USB printer / speakers
I will guess not that a USB printer or speaker controller data can affect but stranger things happen. And of course, sometimes the computer “who knows”? : D! So I’m anxious sometimes .. let me know if you seem a connection between the incident and the printer / loudspeaker attached

2) Re: Controller error event
Do you have a card in the reader when the incident has occurred, or whether it was empty all the time? When all of these events return, you can try to run the .bat file earlier. The first part of the .txt output can hopefully contain a list of string memory / device that detects this time and the drive letter associated with it. Could certainly be in knowledge that one complains. (Also possible, I do not think some / device string assignments can sometimes change after rebooting.


3) Re: Windows Update
What I know about Windows Update
MS> Only tested, approved, and digitally signed drivers in the Windows Update Datatbase (DB)
What would I think,
> There is some time lag between the driver time from the mfr being likely to be approved and available when they go to Windows Update DB actually
> I think mfr be willing to pay MS costs to keep their drivers updated DB
So, while it was nice to try the update from the update DB, which at the same time, I would not rely on all the drivers.

Thank you for reading this article, I get this information from a forum on the internet, see you in the next article.

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