The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error

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Computer, laptop, or tab is one of the important thing of the life for most of people. Those things can make your life easier. Computer, laptop, or tab can be used by students, workers, or common people to support their works and activities. When it comes to do work such as write down something, make a presentation, and so on, operating system like Windows is needed.

Windows should be installed before using one. apparently, it has a lot of versions. Every version has its own pros and cons. Usually, the newer version is better compared to the older one. Windows always keeps improving time by time. This all should be done in order to catch the technology development and to support the works or the activities of the users. Installing the newest version of Windows is important so that you can use the newest features of the system. For those who have not owned this, you can get one, you can buy it in the electronic shop, or purchase it online in Windows store.

While installing Windows, sometimes, the installation or the upgrade of Windows can stuck in the endless reboot to the error like “The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error.” It is stated that the installation of the Windows cannot proceed. Those long sentence is written on the screen. When this situation happens, the computer, the tab, of the laptop will restarts itself. you cannot make the installation no matter what you do. Commonly, this error happens because of some installation mistakes or mishaps such as power supply interruption or the battery on laptop and tab. The computer, the laptop, or the tab will be shut down automatically. The sentence above will be on the screen when you restart the computer, laptop, or tab.

Such error can make everyone confused and worry, especially for those who are not the experts of the computer. So, what to to when this ever happens? To find out the answer to the question, please read the rest of the article.

This kind of problem can be fixed easily  by doing the following steps. When the sentence about with the red X icon keeps appearing on the screen of your computer, laptop, or tab, please press Shift+10 on the keyboard. Then, there will be a box with the name “Run”. Please type the name of the program, the folder, the document, or the Internet resource so that Windows is able to open it for you. To fill the column, just type regedit and click OK. After that, you have to find the menu written  “HKEY_Local_machine/SYSTEM/SETUP/STATUS/ChildCompletion” in the next step, double click that menu. Next one is changing the Value data “setup.exe”. Originally, it is set 1. Please change 1 to 3 and then click OK. The last step is to close the registry editor. To do it, please click OK on the message. Computer, laptop, or tab will be restart and the error message will not appear on the screen. By this, it means that you can continue the process of Windows installation.

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