The Best Alternative to Peerblock

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Peerblock is known as an IP blocking program, a popular one. it is was used frequently by the users of bittorent. It is previously known as a software called PeerGuardian. With this, the torrent users can try to hide their torrent activity. At first, Peerblock is free and an open source personal firewall that can block the incoming and the outgoing IP addresses that put on the blacklists. The software of Peerblock is indeed free, but the access to list is not. You have to get the subscription to access the blacklisted lists.

In fact, Peerblock does not actually hide your torrent activity. Here are some reasons why Peerblock does not work. Some of those reasons are included impossible to block all the dangerous IP’s, 99.99% of blocked IP’s are harmless, less peers means slower speeds, Peerblock does not encrypt the traffic, which makes the ISP still knows you are torrenting, and Peerblock does not change or hide the IP address.

In the year of 2016, there are better Peerblock alternative that start to rise well beyond the reach that Peerblock ever made. Those alternatives are more useful, safer, and faster for torrenting. The first one is Private Internet Access or PIA. It is the number one recommended VPN or Proxy service service for torrents. There are a lot of good features of PIA. Why does PIA become the popular choice? Some of the answers to the questions are because it is extremely low price (about $3.33 per month), there is no logs, it is very torrent friendly, SOCKS5 Proxy service included free with every VPN purchase, 256-bit AES Encryption (it is plus the custom control of encryption strength or algorithm), the anonymous payments can be accepted through Bitcoin or Gift Card, there is VPN Kill Switch technology, there is 7 day 100% refund guarantee. In general, it is so affordable for all users.

The second alternative to Peerblock is IPVanish. The representative of it claims that it is the fastest Tier-1 VPN provider in the entire world. With IPVanish, you are able to get the speeds over 100mbps on 100mbps connection. Just like Private Internet Access, IPVanish is a non-logging VPN and it it also allows the torrents on the network. Some of the features of IPVanish are no logs, fastest VPN, 256 bit encryption, anonymous payments (bitcoin), wonderful software, 7 day refund policy, and else. The only minus point op IPVanish is that it does not offer the proxy service.

Another alternative you can try is Torguard. The specialization of of this one is the anonymous VPN and proxy services for torrent downloaders. Torguard is a true non-logging service based in the United States. Its VPN service is good and quite fast, but it is a bit more expensive than Private Internet Access or PIA. In case you want to get one, the cost of it is under $4 per month with 1 year subscription. It is said that the best feature of it is the auto installer Torguard has built that will automatically configure your favorite torrent client.

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