Solved: The Set of Folders Cannot Be Opened in Outlook

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Sometime there are the problems which occur in Outlook. One of the most common problem is the set of folders cannot be opened. Recently, we get also the report that there are many the users of Outlook who get that problem. By the way, do you ever get that problem? What do you do to fix it? Well, in this article we will share the methods to fix the set of folders cannot be opened. If you are experiencing the problem about the set of folders cannot be opened, so you can follow its methods step by step to fix your problem. Please follow carefully step by step those methods below.

Method 1: Enabling cached exchange mode

  1. At first you have to click Start and search for Control Panel.
  2. Afterwards you can go to CP, and type Mail in the search box on the top right.
  3. Then please click on Mail icon in the search results.
  4. Next, in the Mail setup window, you have to click Data Files.
  5. In this step you can select Your Account, and click Settings.
  6. To use cached exchange mode in “Advanced”, you have to select check all three boxes.
  7. The last you can close it and check whether or not the error is solved.

Method 2: Start Outlook in Safe Mode.

  1. At the same time you have to hold Windows key and press R. Then a Run dialog will open.
  2. Afterwards, in the run dialog, you have to type outlook.exe /safe and press Enter.
  3. The next step, you will be prompted which profile to use when logging in. It will be selected by default if there is only one profile. Then please click OK. If it works in Safe Mode, so it will likely to be a conflicting or corrupt add-in. You can disable all add-ins and then open Outlook to confirm. If it works then you can enable add-in one by one until you get to the one which stops Outlook.
  4. In this step, to disable add-ins, you have to click File -> Options -> Add-ins -> COM Add-ins -> Manage -> Go.
  5. After that you can uncheck all the items in Add-Ins available list and click OK.
  6. Now you can test it.


Method 3: Reconnect your Applications that are connected with Outlook.

  1. At first you have to open Control Panel from the Start menu.
  2. Then please select User Accounts and Family Safety.
  3. After that you have to click Mail.
  4. In this step you can click Show Profiles located as the third option.
  5. Afterwards please remove the existing Outlook Profile.
  6. Then you can create a new Outlook Profile.
  7. The last step you have to restart Outlook.

Well, that is the methods to fix the set of folders cannot be opened in Outlook. Actually, there are the other methods which you can do to fix that problem such as by repair the corrupt system files, reset navigation pane and repair Outlook Data File.

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