Signs of Bed Bugs in Wood Furniture

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One of the most annoying insects in this world is called bed bugs. The reason behind the title is because this one is running into your zone such as the bed, the chair, and so on. If you have the wooden furniture or the wooden bedpost, you might be worried about those things as the hiding spot in your house. the most concerned thing is when you are looking into buying the used furniture since the most common way used by the bed bugs to enter the home is from this way. The question is, do bed bugs live in the wood?

Unfortunately, the answer to the question above is yes. The bed bugs are also able to be found on and inside the wood furniture such as the night stands, dressers, and the book shelves. Bed bugs are known as flat, reddish-brown animals that are about as small as rice. The size and the shape of it make them can hide in a lot pf cracks and crevices. It allows them to stay near their place at the day and find the quick blood meals at the night. As stated before, the wooden furniture can be the place for the bed bugs to hide, but eliminating the wooden furniture from your room or your home will not get rid of the bed bugs.

Signs of Bed Bugs in Wood Furniture

How can you know that there are the bed bugs, specially in the wood furniture? What are the signs of bed bugs in the wood furniture? Apparently, the bed bugs like the cracks and the revises of joint between the pieces of the wood and it even can be found in the screw holes. Aside from the bed bugs itself, you might also find the little white spots on the side of the wooden furniture. That white ones are the eggs of the bed bugs. The other things related to the bed bugs are the beige spots and the black dots. The beige ones are the nymphs of the bed bugs and the black ones are the fecal matter.

Then, how to avoid the bed bugs in the wooden furniture? For your information, the bed bugs do not eat the wood to make the good hiding place. In fact, it depends on the cracks, corners, and the other small spaces. For this particular reason, it is better for you to select the furniture, either the new or the used one, with the hard flat surfaces. The cracked items or the items that have the intricate details will make it harder to spot the bed bugs.

Talking about bed bugs, the best way for you is to get the information about it, including how to properly identify the bed bugs so you can search them. When you buy the new wooden furniture, inspect every single of it clearly. The signs o the bed bugs include the black spotting and the molted skins. Make sure to get rid of them all before taking it to your home.

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