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The bed bugs are the insects which have a beak with mouthparts that dissected into two. The one mouth part secretes the saliva of bugs into the human and another mouth part feeds off of human blood. Bed bugs are very interest to the human body at night for feeding. They crawl out to feed when the people are fast asleep. The bite of the bed bug is very itchy. It is very dangerous for your health. If you have bite by the bed bugs, use anti-itch cream to cure it.

In a case, we have the report that some people have experience severe adverse reactions of bed bugs bites. Than others have no reaction at all. Even there are some people who have a mild reaction. Usually, the majority of people over 65 do not have a reaction of bites whatsoever. The bed bugs feed the human blood up to six times. If the bed bugs have feed, so their body will look red color. It is cause of they are engorged with the blood of host. Even, the bed bugs are able to feed up to ten minutes. In the most of cases, the people who are biting by the bed bugs they are not aware. The bed bugs are very need the human blood to survive, but they are still can live without feed the human blood for a year during they can hide in your home.

Show Me Pictures of Bed Bugs Bites Show Me Pictures of Bed Bugs Bites

How about the bed bugs bites? The bed bugs bites are very itchy. When the people are bitten by the bed bugs, they do not aware because the bed bugs always bite them when they are fast asleep. Even, it is able to take up to ten days for adverse or allergic reactions of bed bug bite. The first reaction of bed bugs bites is usually severe itchy and irritation. This is followed by a raised appearance on the contacted area. However, for some people, they have welts and hives all over the body. Than others, they have small pinkish bumps that are concentrated in one area.

What should you do when you get the bed bugs bites? As we said before that if you get the bed bugs bites, you are able to use anti-itch cream to cure the itchy of bed bugs bites. Than if you have been bitten but you do not have any reaction at all, so you can wash the affected area with water and warm soap. You are able to use enzyme cleaner to wash the bed bugs bites. Some people use the calamine lotion to help stop the itching. In addition, you are able to take over the antihistamines as needed. If you experience a severe rash or welt continuously, and you feel tightness in the chest or difficulty breathing, so we suggest you to consult your physician as soon as possible. A doctor will cure and prescribe epinephrine or antibiotics to get rid of the allergic reaction.

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