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When you use your computer, then you look at Task Manager, perhaps you will see Runtime Broker is running. You maybe wonder why the Runtime Broker is, why it is running and how to stop it. You do not have to worry because here we are going to explain about that.

Runtime Broker is an official core process of Microsoft which debuted in Windows 8 and continues it in Windows 10. RuntimeBroker.exe will run if only you activate Windows Store application. After you start your Windows 8, and then you do not activate any application at all, perhaps you will not see this file running in the Task Manager. If you open the modern application, you will see RuntimeBroker running. But, if you close the application, RuntimeBroker will run continuously on the background.

Then, what do the RuntimeBroker do? Actually, it observe access to Windows API and make sure that the application do not break the main safety from the Windows. It includes to inform whether it has a permission or not. The process handle the safety permission such as camera, censor, and many more. On the other hand, it also helps you to save your privacy when you are using the Windows Store application. Is RuntimeBroker.exe virus or malware? If the file of RuntimeBroker.exe is located in the folder system 32, it means it is an official process of Microsoft. If not, it maybe malware. You can right click the file and check properties if you doubt of it.

RuntimeBroker usually leave small trail. In some cases, RuntimeBroker.exe can consume a lot of resources, but it does not leave memory after the work is done so that memory leak happens. Can we fix it? If you feel that your PC run slowly, you can check it by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open Task Manager to see how much CPU and memory RuntimeBroker is using. How to solve this?

  1. In the window of Task Manager, you can click the Processes tab.
  2.  Then, select Runtime Broker and right click.
  3. Choose End Task to force RuntimeBroker to close.
  4. The last, reboot your Windows 10. But, this method is a temporary solution. Next time, it will annoy your PC performance again. There are the other options to prevent Runtime Broker from consuming too much resource of your PC.
  5. You candisable “Show Me Tips About Windows” in Windows 10. Firstly, you have to open Setting of Windows 10 by pressing Windows + R. Then, select System and select Notifications and Actions in the left sidebar. The last, turn off the “Show me tips about Windows” option.
  6. You can alsodisable “Update From More Than One Place” Feature in Windows 10. First, open the Setting by pressing Windows + I. Then, select “Update & Security” option. Click “Advanced options” link. After that, click “Choose how updates are delivered” link. The last, turn off “Updates from more than one place” feature.

Those methods can help you to reduce the usage of a lot of RAM and CPU. Thanks for reading this and hopefully it is helpful.

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