Raid Bed Bug Fogger Review

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Do you have some problem regarding bed bugs? If the answer to the question is yes, then you must be very annoyed and feel uncomfortable. There are a lot of products sold in many places like traditional market and supermarket. One of them is called Raid bed bug fogger. How is this? Does it good and effective to get rid of bed bugs?

Raid bed bug fogger is known as the product that can kill fleas, bed bugs, and their eggs. This one sprays two ways with targeted application for hard to reach areas and wide coverage for the bigger surfaces. The formula of it is non-staining on the water safe fabrics and surfaces.

Raid bed bug fogger contains the active ingredients such as cypermethrin and imiprothrin. Cypermethrin is known to control a specific pest in registered product like in the insecticide, antimicrobial, or repellent product. Same thing goes for imiprothrin. Aside from those two active ingredients, there are also some other ingredients such as Ammonium Benzonate (Corrosion Inhibitor), Fragrance (Fragrance), Isobutane (Propellant), Isopropanol (Wetting agent), Petroleum Distillate (Solubilizer), Propane (Propellant), Sorbitan Oleate (Cleaning Agent), and Water (Water).

Raid Bed Bug Fogger Review

Ammonium Benzoate can help to keep the contents fresh by inhibiting corrosion of can, container or dispenser. Fragrance takes a role to add the scent to the product. Isobutene and propane share the same role to create the spray of the product. Isopropanol helps the formula spread across the surface. Petroleum Distillate can help to ensure the distribution of the product’s ingredients. Sorbitan Oleate can break down the dirt and deposits. As for the water, it provides the liquid base of the product.

How to use this Raid bed bug fogger? Please keep in mind that this product is intended for indoor use only. Before use this product, you have to shake it well. Then, hold the container upright with the nozzle taken away from you. The next thing you have to do is to depress the valve and spray from the distance of the eight to ten inches. Just spray every square foot for about five seconds or until damp. After that, please empty the room when the treatment is done and ventilate it before reoccupying. Do not forget to keep your children or your pets away from the areas until the surfaces are dry. You have to allow sprayed articles and surfaces to dry before using or replacing the bedding.

For bed bugs, you have to apply Red bed bug fogger to the cracks, crevices, baseboards, bed frames, wall hangings, headboards, door, and window frames. Aside from that, please also apply to the surfaces of the carpet, mattresses, box springs, walls, furniture, floors, rugs, garments, luggage, closets, and drapes.

Raid bed bug fogger is counted as one of the registered products. They are the products that are designed to control the specific pest. This kind of product has been regulated in the United States by EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency. There was a study on the foggers done by Ohio State University. However, the study did not include Raid bed bug fogger so there is no evidence that this one work.

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