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Do you know about prix fixe? How do you pronounce prix fixe? Have you ever heard someone spelling prix fixe in French? Maybe you are a little being confuse when you heard about prix fixe pronunciation in French. When you try to pronounce prix fixe in French, there is a difficult to spell or pronounce it because the method to pronounce prix fixe in French is different with the method which use in English. Therefore for the beginner, if you want to learn prix fixe in French, you have to learn it diligently and seriously. Well, at the moment in this article we will try to explain a little explanation about prix fixe.

What the definition about prix fixe? How about prix fixe pronunciation French? Simply, prix is pronounced pree and fixe is pronounced feeks. The people always enunciate the sound ee in French. The X in “prix” is silent because it is almost all French final consonants are silent and voiced in “fixe” because a final e implement pronunciation of the preceding consonant. In English it has long and shorts “I” than in French does not. It is need remember for you that English has intonations but French does not. To more understand how to pronounce prix fixe in French so you can hear and watch the videos which show its method. For example you can search from YouTube.

According to Merriam, definition of prix fixe is a complete meal offered at a fixed price. By the way how about prix fixe or prefix menu? As you know that in English “prix fixe” refers to a fixed price meal of several courses. Than in French, prix fixe is more general term that refers to product sold at a fixed price. Well, we will explain a little bit about that. Prix fixe literally means “fixed price”. It is a French term that refers to a type of menu featuring a preselected list of dishes at a set price. In fact, we will often find prix fixe menu in upscale restaurants. Prix fixe menus are very common in Europe, than the most American restaurants use them only occasionally.

If you want to know about prix fixe, you can read carefully in this article, but we suggest you to read the material about prix fixe from other source also. You can search from the internet that there are many article which explains about what the definition prix fixe, how to pronounce prix fixe, the examples of prix fixe and many more. It will help you to learn about prix fixe. It is better if you learn prix fixe from the YouTube also. There are many the video which show about how to pronounce prix fixe. As we said before that for the beginner, maybe learning prix fixe is a little difficult. The method to pronounce prix fixe in French is different with the method which use in English. So you have to learn seriously. The last, we hope the explanation about prix fixe which we convey can useful for you.

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