Play Store Error DF-DLA-15 While Downloading Apps

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This time the author will share information DF-DLA-15 Google Play Store error solution when download, share
You who want to download apps or games on the Google Play Store, but have errors with DF-DLA-15 error code, see this article further to find out how to fix it in

The Google Play Store is the hub of the gathered Android app. There you can get apps and games in accordance with what you want. In addition to apps, the Google Play Store also features games and e-books for Android phone users, but what happens if we can not download or download apps, games or books on the Google Play Store? Will certainly be a big issue, considering Google Play Store is an application center for secure Android users.

The problem this time is, when Android phone users want to download or update an application, game, or book, an error message will appear, the error message is usually “Error Retrieving information from server” with error, error message is usually “Error Retrieving information from server “with error code” DF-DLA-15 “. By experiencing the incident error, of course the download will fail or stop, for you who experience this problem, see how to solve it below.

DLA-15 Error Solution Google Play Store Download

#How to # 1: Delete a Google Account

1. Go to Settings (Settings).
2. Then find Account menu (Account), then delete your Google account (if there is more than 1 Google account, delete Google account that is in use for Google Play Store).
3. Once deleted, re-enter your Google Account
4. Then try downloading on Google Play Store.
5. If still not successful go to Method # 2

#How # 2: Clear Google Play Store Data & Clear Cache (Recommendation)

1. Go to Settings (Settings).
2. Then select App menu or App Installed or Application or Application (essentially the menu that is used to see all the applications installed in our mobile phone).
3. After that search and select the Google Play Store app, once selected, select Clear Data and Clear Cache, after Clear Data and Clear Cache is done then select Uninstall updates.
4. Then sign in to the Google Play Store and use it for Download.
5. Done.

Well now is the information about DLA-15 Error Solution Google Play Store When Download, hopefully with this information can help Android phone users who experience an error when downloading applications, games, or books from the Google Play Store. And if the above does not work, you can search in other sources, such as Youtube, or the android forums that you can find in search engines. Thank you for taking the time to read this article until the last paragraph, hopefully today you are lucky, if this article helps you can share it on social media Google+, Facebook and any more. There are many stories today, I write about what I have ever experienced, see you in the next article…

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