Pictures of Baby Bed Bugs

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Do you know bed bugs? What is in your mind when you hear this animal? Have you effected by this one? If the answer is yes, then you must feel so uncomfortable and annoyed  as those insects invade your are without your permission. The thing you want to do the most must be getting rid of it. Everyone who has been affected by this also must share the same thought.

Before eliminating bed bugs, it is better for you to know more about them. Understanding the life cycle of bed bugs is so important if you want to eradicate the bed bugs. Every bed bug will go through some steps during its life time. The life cycle of bed bug starts from the eggs (1mm). Then, they will through five nymph stages in total. The next stages after the nymph stages are the stages of unfed adult female and unfed adult male.

In this article, you will be informed more about baby bed bugs. What are they? Baby bed bugs are also known as nymphs. Thy are the bed bugs that are passing through the first five stages of development, as stated on the previous paragraph. The first instar nymph is called the newborn and the fifth instar is known as the bed bug teen. The very first thing the newly hatched baby bed bugs do is to look for the blood meal.

Pictures of Baby Bed Bugs

Anyway, what do the baby of bed bugs look like? Basically, the appearance of them is like the mini versions of the adult bed bugs. They are light brown, almost clear or straw colored. You can see the blood clearly in the nymph that has just fed. They will look like the tiny swollen violet balloons. After they suck the blood of humans or animals, their bodies will turn red. Then, how about the size? Just like the eggs of bed bugs, they start out very tiny with about 1 mm. In general, baby bed bugs are about the size of the head of the pin. They look like the sesame seed with their size and color and grow to about 5 mm as adults.

How are the habit of the baby bed bugs related to sucking humans or animals? Apparently, every of the, can feed as often as once each day and it has to have the blood meal to grow up from one stage to another. Actually, they can survive for some months without feeding, which is kind of fascinating thing. However, they basically will stuck at whatever developmental stage of the life cycle of the bed bug until they get the next blood meal.

In addition, every baby bed bug will develop through the process known as molting. The baby bed bugs looks like “crawl out of the skins” as they move from one stage to another. The cast skins or the shells of the bed bugs are counted as one of the key symptoms of the bed bug infestation.

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