Netflix Error n8109 – Here is How to Fix it

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The Netflix error n8109 is an error which appears when you are trying to watch movies on Netflix using your Windows PC or Mac. By the way are you the user of Netflix? If you are the user of Netflix, have you ever got the error n8109? Actually, the Netflix error n8109 is not serious error and you can do several methods to fix it. What the methods to fix the Netflix error n8109? Well in this opportunity we will tell you how the methods to fix the Netflix error n8109. Before we tell about its methods, it will be better if you know the reason why the Netflix error n8109 can occur. In fact, the Netflix error n8109 on Netflix has something to do with Microsoft Silverlight browser plugin that is utilized by Netflix to play movies and TV shows on the browser. Well, at the moment we will explain you the methods to fix the Netflix error n8109. If you get the Netflix error n8109, you can do its methods to fix that problem. Let’s see its methods in the text below.

Method 1: Clear and Restart.

As we said in the explanation above, there is the problem with Silverlight plugin so that it makes the Netflix error n8109 occur caused due to cookies which are stored in the browser. Therefore the first thing which should you do is clear the cookies on your browser. The process of clearing cookies is the same process as clearing your history. If you do not know how to clear the cookies, you can ask your friend to help you to solve it. Or if you want to do it by yourself you can find out the methods to clear the cookies from the internet. Once you have finished clear your browser cookies, the next step, you have to restart your browser. After you have restarted your browser, then you can try to access Netflix and watch the movie or video. You can check whether or not the Netflix error n8109 is resolved.


Method 2: Reinstall Microsoft Silverlight.

One of the methods to fix the Netflix error n8109 is reinstall Microsoft Silverlight. If the method of clearing cookies and restarting browser cannot fix the Netflix error n8109, so you can try to do this method. If you use this method you have to uninstall and reinstall Silverlight. The process of uninstall Silverlight same as the process of uninstall the other programs in your PC or Mac. If you want to uninstall Silverlight on your PC, first you have to go to Start. Then please select “Control Panel”.

Afterwards click the “Uninstall” program button. Find and select “Silverlight” from the list. To begin the process of uninstall Silverlight, please double click on it. Besides that, if you want to uninstall Silverlight on your Mac, you just need to drag the app from the application folder to the trash. Then you have to select “Finder and Empty Trash”. Next, you can reinstall the latest version of Silverlight plugin.

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