Miswiring DC Offset Error

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Recently, there are many people who get the problem about Kenwood DNX6990HD DC offset error. They were very annoyed and upset with that miswiring DC offset. Fortunately there is the method to fix miswiring DC offset. By the way, have you ever got the problem about miswiring DC offset error JVC? Usually that error display with the following message “check wiring then reset”. It message error show you that the functions of your JVC will not be operational at all. Why that error can occur? It occurs because there is something wrong with the wiring which is shorting out or cross wired. Therefore you will need to reset your JVC to help it recognize the change.

Well in this opportunity we will share you the solution of JVC stereo miswiring error. Let’s see in the text below.

  1. To make you can have access clearly to the back to check the connections on the wiring harness so you have to remove your JVC stereo from the slot.
  2. Then you will see a wiring harness plug which fitted into the radio. In this step, you have to check is the wires of power, ground and speaker.
  3. Start to look at each wire. Then please check the connection to make sure that it is not touch any other wires. If you have checked all the wires from the stereo side of things, there may be a short distance from the wires which connecting to the back of the speakers.
  4. After that please remove each speaker from the panel by releasing them. Look behind the next two magnets there will be two metal terminals with spade connectors on them. Make sure that it is connected strongly. Besides that you have to ensure that it is not close to so that it cannot touch each other because this is can confuse the radio to think that there is a short message that causes the wiring message to appear on the screen.
  5. When you have finished the step above and finally you find the faulty, now you can reset your JVC quickly back to factory settings.

In other case, there is also the problem about miswiring DC offset error Kenwood DDX373BT. If you have Kenwood DDX373BT and there is the problem or miswiring DC offset, to fix it you can also try to do the methods above. If you feel confused to fix it and cannot fix it by yourself, we suggest you to ask your friend to help you to solve your problem. In order to the problem or miswiring DC offset can be resolved. The last we hope the explanation of miswiring DC offset which we explain in this article is useful for you, especially for you who have the problem or miswiring DC offset, we hope the methods above can solve your problem. But if you are still be confuse to do its methods so we suggest you to watch the tutorial video of the methods to fix miswiring DC offset from YouTube, we think it will make you easier to solve your problem.

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