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Bed bugs are the annoying pest that can find their way into any home by riding in the suitcase if you visit the hotel with the infestation, transferring into the clothes from the movie theater seat or traveling on visitors who visit your home. When a house inhabited by bed bugs does not mean that that house is dirty. In fact, bed bugs can even live and grow in the most luxurious five starred hotel.

In order to protect your mattress for the infestation of the bed bugs, you can use mattress cover. This mattress cover is also known as mattress encasement. This one is the tightly woven case that keeps the bed bugs from infesting your areas such as mattress, sofa, and so on. What are the benefits of the mattress cover? Apparently, using the mattress cover of bed bugs can help minimize the infestation. Actually, there is no guarantee that this mattress cover will make the bed bugs entirely go away. It might alleviate or trap them from sucking your blood.

When the mattress cover for bed bugs is installed, the bed bugs in the mattress cannot escape and will not be able to live so all of them will die inside the cover. However, it is a bit too difficult when it comes to the adult bed bugs as they can live for well more than one year without the blood meal. So, please make sure to leave the mattress cover on for at least that long or for the duration of the mattress to make sure that all the bed bugs are dead and there is no new infestations of the mattress happen.

Mattress Covers for Bed Bugs Target

The mattress cover for bed bugs can be purchased for as little as $20. Where can you get one? For your information, a lot of pest control supply companies sell them on online. If you love to buy one right from the store, you can look for one in Target. According to the official website of Target, this store indeed sells the mattress covers for bed bugs. You can purchase one online on Target or you can look around on the website first before visiting the store. In the site, you just have to type “bed bug covers” on the search bar. The results will show some mattress covers that you can purchase. All of them are different on the brand, size, quality, price, and so on. There is a mattress cover that costs $22.49 – $44.99 named Aller Ease Maximum Mattress Protector. Another one is called Protect A Bed Allergy Protection Kit which costs $161.49 – $242.24.

If you plan to get one mattress cover for bugs, you have to make sure that you pick one that is specifically designed for bed bugs because usually it is different with the others. There are special features in it that you have to consider such as bug proof zippers, different materials, and chemically treated covers. So, be a wise customer!

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