Let’s Fix iastordatasvc High CPU Memory Usage in Windows 10

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Are you one of the users of Windows 10? Have you ever heard of high CPU memory usage by iastoredatasve? Are you struggling with this kind of error right now so that you are in this page? If the answers to all of the questions are yes, then you are in the right place because here you will be given the way to get rid of the issue. Before talking about the way to fix it, it is better for you to know a bit more about the case first.

What is iastoredatasvc? Apparently, iastoredatasvc has the meaning as Intel storage data. Basically, this one is like a name of the service which is used by the Intel rapid storage technology. The purpose of it is to store the data. This service is installed by default on most Windows operating system. Do not worry because the service itself cause the damage to your computer. In fact, it has the benefit. It is intended to give the users faster and therefore more convenient access to the programs of the computer and the online apps that will be used frequently.

Then, how to fix iastordatasvc high CPU memory usage in Windows 10? First, you have to press the Windows key and the R key simultaneously and hold them down for a bit. The new window will be displayed by this action. Second, type “appwiz.cpl.” in the new window displaying. Third, please press the OK button after you type that in. Third, the list of the programs and the apps of the computer that you have installed will be shown up by doing this action. Fourth, go to the list of the programs entirely until you located Intel rapid storage technology program. In case you face any difficulties while locating this, do not forget that you can re-order the programs by name, by publisher, by the date you installed the app on, and by either different elements. It will be easier for you to discover it when you own a lot of different programs installed on your computer. Fifth, double click on Intel rapid storage technology once you have found one. Sixth, there will be different options in this stage. Please select uninstall by clicking the OK button and then wait for the programs to be fully on installed. Seventh, you have to reinstall it straight away when the problem has been installed.


To do this thing, you need to go to the Intel rapid storage technology that you can find easily on Google or any other search engine. Eighth, select the proper version of Windows on the insulation page for the Intel rapid technology. Just go ahead and download it. Ninth, run and install the Intel rapid storage technology on your computer after it have been installed.

Remember to do these instructions mentioned above well. Do it slowly if it is needed so that the problem can be fixed well. Hope it can be fixed as soon as possible.

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