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Kik is one of the messengers you might use. This thing was created on the year of 2009 and was launched to the public in 2010 by a group collage students of University of Waterloo in Canada. Right now, this app has over 150 million downloads. With Kik, you can share the photos, videos, messages, and else. It works just like most of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Path, WhatsApp, Line, Blackberry Messager, and so on. Are you curious and want to share everything through this app? You have one by installing this for free on your Android, iOS, or Window Phone devices.

However, if you are already install Kik but realize that you have other messengers, satisfy with all of you have, and does not want to add Kik on the list of your messengers, you can delete it. By deleting an app, it means that your memory also can be save. As you know, Kik uses far more memory compared to the other messengers. For you information, it is better for you to deactivate it first before deleting. This app will not be deleted completely if you delete it right away. So, how to deactivate Kik?

Kik Deactivation Website

The fist thing you have to do is visit the official website of Kik. Find the menu of deactivating the account of Kik. After that, enter the email associated with your account. Type it on the box. This email is the first email when you made the registration. In case you forgot the address email, you can find one by opening the Kik app. Click go to the next step. Then, click the confirmation link in the email you receive. This confirmation will be sent to your email.

After all the steps of deactivating the account of the Kik done, now you are able to delete your Kik account. Then, how to delete Kik account? This one is as easy as the deactivating account. You have to open the Kik Messenger app on your mobile device first. When deactivating account of Kik will not clear the message history, deleting will. the next step is go to the Setting menu. This menu is symbolized by the gear or cog. Then, reset the Kik messages on your account page. To do it, please click on “Your Account” option. After that, click “Reset Kik Messenger” button which is located near the bottom of the screen. Click “Yes” button as the confirmation. If all of them completed, your account will be logged out and deleted completely. All of history messages also will be deleted.

How is the steps of deactivating and deleting the Kik account? Can you follow the steps? If you are facing any difficulties regarding this thing, you can contact the representative of Kik. Please visit the official website of Kik to reach them or find the number of customer service to talk to them directly. Apparently, the number of the customer service is also there on the official website.

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