Kids Smoking Bed Bugs to Get High

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Bed bugs are insects which are flat, reddish brown, oval and the size is about 4 to 5 mm long or the size of an apple seed. Bed bugs feed on blood and under the conditions that is cool, bed bugs can survive up to one year without a meal at all. Bed bugs prefer to be more active at night when the people is asleep. Usually, you can find bed bugs in cracks and crevices including in the mattress seams, sheets, furniture behind baseboards, electrical outlet plates and picture frames. Some signs of a bed bug infestation are seeing the bed bugs, case skins, defecation (bed bug droppings), and bites.

Talk about bed bugs, in 2014 the news about teens that smoke and inject bed bugs was viral. In the effort of teens to find a cheap high that does not ask the purchase of any actual drugs, they have found a way to smoke bed bugs. For normal people bed bugs are very disgusting. Even they try a lot of methods to repel the bed bugs. But, the teens use bed bugs for smoking. These insects contain a hallucinogenic substance in them except it is impossible to isolate it, so the bed bugs must be caught, killed and crushed into a powder that is then either smoked or perhaps even worse and more disgusting, injected.

Well, you have to know that not only is the very idea of this cringe worthy but the bed bugs also have the other elements that can make serious damage to the mind and body. So, smoking bed bugs can be extremely dangerous. But, actually this story was a hoax. It is from Arizona, so that does help it seem plausible but this is a really well done April Fools joke. It is said that several kids in Arizona are dying bed bugs and crushing them, just to smoke them. But, yes once again that this news is fake. It is a story that was edited to feature bed bugs. The real story is about teens smoking wax. It is a concentrated form of marijuana extract which is much more potent than the plant.


Even though the use of bed bugs for smoking is a hoax, but never try to smoke bed bugs. Bed bugs perhaps generate small amounts of certain volatile chemicals but the bodies do not have any substance called PH-417 that when smoked or injected will give you high. Once again, smoking bed bugs will not get you high but it might rather lead to unpleasant health consequences. The news about teens that smoke and inject bed bugs is viral since April 2014. The video that titled Smoking Bed Bugs to Get High begins with a voiceover narration that says “It’s a new way to get high and it’s called bed bugs.”

Well, that’s all the article about the teens in Arizona that smoke and inject bed bugs that is actually a hoax. Once more, even though this news is hoax but do not try to smoke and inject bed bugs to your body because it can be dangerous.

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