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In recent semesters we have seen an increase in the number of errors 49.4C06 in our 9050, 49.4 C06 error HP 4700. The first thing we see is the firmware. We update the firmware on all printers and the problem persists.

Finally, we narrowed down the problem of Powerpoint with the font “Arial Rounded MT Bold” and also printed the print layout of Powerpoint on “Full Side Slide”. Students usually use the “3 Slides” or “6 Slides” to print their teachers when Powerpoint.

Interestingly, when the “print” Powerpoint joined a layout problem AdobePDF with Acrobat Pro and PDF prints new, same error with. Even if an error occurs, depends on the one appearing in the document of the first letter examples. If the font in the first slide error occurs immediately. However, if font fonts in error will not occur until the page, the fonts are ready, appears on the printer to be printed. We see yesterday afternoon behavior when 12 of the first slide of a Powerpoint printed correctly, two sides of the print layout six slide, and then something goes wrong.

The print server is currently using a version of the “HP Universal Printing PCL 6” version of the driver “” from “4/24/2012”. We are also trying to print directly to the respective printer with direct IP printing to the driver “HP Universal Printing PCL 6”, the same, but the version of “” is dated “2014.11.20” with similar results.

We share this information here for anyone else who wants to solve this problem. In addition, to get advice and probably hoped someone from HP can see this thread, some customer service call, and we can solve this problem with another firmware update. We have two examples of Powerpoint that cause this problem in the third year of our 49.4 C06 service error HP 9050, are known to anyone of HP that we would contact for them. and another problemĀ 49.4c06 service error HP 2420.

Remove the printer from any computer or network and turn it on and see if it is ready. If so, then there is a print job confusing trying to print printers. First, you want to delete all print jobs in PrintQ. Next, you want to update the firmware. If none of this works under:

49.4C02 or 49.4C06 errors can be seen on the control panel when printing a file that contains a font that is incorrect or incomplete. This problem can also be seen when printing a particular Web page that contains fonts.
How to be potential employer:

  1. Printing with PCL Driver 5
  2. Prints with PCL6 or PS driver with option “Send Truetype as Bitmap” activated
    From the Advanced tab in the printer properties (drivers)
  3. If found when printing web pages, try another web browser

You could also try this method:

1) 49.4 C06 error to continue turn off then on
2) Disconnect the network cable
3) Remove all print jobs.
4) a paper is discharged
5) Output from a printer cartridge, reset it.
6) Repeat step 1; 4-5 times

This is what WORK.

IT people, download and install:

1) a new printer driver
2) The new firmware

You can try and practice it.


Another way:

beginĀ 49.4c06 error hp 5550

  • run
  • cmd
  • Net stop spooler
  • Goto Windows Explorer
  • C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Spool \ Printers
  • Remove all print jobs
  • Back to the cmd window
  • Net start spooler
  • Hard reset the printer
  • Errors go back all the work.

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