How to Unencrypt Android

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Smartphone such as Android or iOS is probably one of the most personal things for everyone. This thing can consist of messages, photos, videos, files, or other things related to your life. Sometimes, you do not want other people such as your family, your friends, and even the strangers to know what is on your phone. If asking directly to not to touch your phone will not make them stop will not work because people tend to be wilder when someone say do not to lurk, it is better for for to find another way. The best possible way you can do is to protect your phone from those people. This kind of method to protect the phone is called encryption.

Encryption phone is a great option to add the passive layer of security to the device. It is such a simple thing to do and could protect the data on the device if the device is stolen or you have become a target of some kind. Protection is worth it, no doubt. But, it is kind too much because you have to deal with this kind of thing. What do you think of encryption? Is it good for you or not?\

If encryption is too much for you to deal with, there is one good news for you. In case you want to turn off encryption on your device, it is pretty easy. For those the users of Android, it only takes about 20 minutes to unencrypt your phone. So, how to unencrypt Android?

Before doing the process to unencrypt Android, please connect your phone to power. Make sure that your phone has at least 80% battery power. Leave it on the charger during the process of unencryption. The process of unencrypting cannot come back from the alternative. It is sure that you do not want it to be failed, right? For your information, both process of encrypting or unencrypting must not be interrupted by anything. So, please make sure that you are not doing anything using your phone when the process is on going.

To unencrypt your Android, you have to open Setting menu first. Then, go find Security and locate the encryption section of this menu. Actually, the process of unencrypting Android is short of different depends on the kind of Android you use. For Samsung, there is a button here to unencrypt your Android. To make your  Android back to the unencrypt mode, you have to tap this button. Then, your Android phone will reboot and perform the unencryption. In about 15 minutes until 20 minutes later, your Android will be just as it was. The data on your Android will be intacted and everything.

For the users of the other Android phones beside Samsung, there is no friendly unencryption button for you. As the alternative, there is only a menu that will confirm that your Android is encrypted. Apparently, tapping this menu will not make any different of encryption. To unencrypt the Android, you have to perform a complete factory reset by heading to Setting, finding Backup and resetting by tapping the Factory data reset option. Finally, your Android will be not encrypted anymore.

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