How to Undisable an iPod

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Do you have an iPod? If yes, you maybe sometimes lock your iPod to protect it from your younger sister or brother so they can not open your iPod easily. But, instead of protecting your iPod, it is indeed make you difficult to open it because all of sudden you forget the password. Then, how do you undisable an iPod?

To undisable an iPod, you can restore it with iTunes or iCloud. But, you have to note that by restoring your iPod will make your data lose because it will recover your data. It is better if you have a backup. But, you do not have to worry because we will do it now without losing your data. So, if you are ready to undisable your iPod using iTunes, here are the steps.

  1. The first way,you have to connect the iPod to your computer. As mentioned above that the way to undisable your iPod is only to erase and reset your iPod completely. You are lucky if you have a backup because when you restore it, you will lose all of the data. The only way to undisable an iPod is you have to use the correct passcode but in this case, you forget that. So, you need to do is erasing it.
  2. The second way isyou need to open iTunes which then choose your iPod. You can see your iPod listed at the top of the screen. After you connect your iPod to your computer, perhaps you will be asked for a passcode or you have never synced the iPod with iTunes on the computer in advance, check the Using Recovery Mode section.
  3. Next,click “Back Up Now” so that you can have a backup of your iPod. By clicking this, you will be allowed to restore your data after the process of resetting your iPod. You have to make sure that “This Computer” is chosen to make a complete local backup.
  4. Then,choose “Restore iPod” to start the process of reset. This process will take several minutes to finish. If the process is complete, you will go to the initial setup process of iPod.
  5. The last,choose “Restore from iTunes backup” when the setup process is running. By selecting this, it is going to load the backup that you have made so that all of your data is restored.

Perhaps you will ask how to undisable your iPod using the other methods. Yes, actually there are the other methods of undisable your iPod. Beside you can undisable your iPod using iTunes, you can undisable it using the website of iCloud, using Recovery Mode, and Using DFU Mode. If you do not have access to your computer, you can reset your iPod using the Find My iPhone website. It can be done if your iPod was registered with your Apple ID and Find My iPod is enabled in the menu of iCloud. But, using this method, you will lose your data because you can not make a new backup.

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