How to Undisable an iPhone without iTunes

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The reason why you read this article is perhaps now your iPhone is disabled. It happens because you forget the password and then you try to enter the wrong password several times so that your iPhone becomes disabled. Actually, you can fix it by resetting your iPhone using iTunes. But, you will lose your data if you do not have iTunes backup file. Can we fix a disabled iPhone without iTunes? Fortunately, you still can fix your disabled iPhone without using iTunes. What kind of methods that we can use to undisable iPhone without iTunes? Check them out!

  1. Via iCloud. You can restore your disabled iPhone from iCloud backup. First, access using another device. Then, if it is prompted, sign in with your Apple ID. Click “All Devices” which is located at the top of your browser window. Choose the device that you want to erase. Click “Erase” to erase passcode and unlock the disabled iPhone without iTunes. The last, you are able to restore from a backup. Perhaps, on the other case, you want to recover your data from disabled phone that is caused by several reasons like physical damage. You can use EaseUS iPhone data recovery software. It can help you download iCloud backup to PC and restore iPhone data from iCloud backup to PC. Besides, it can be used to backup disabled iPhone. The first step, launch EaseUS iPhone data recovery tool on your computer and then select “Recover” from iCloud Backup. Sign in with your Apple ID. After that, choose the correct iCloud backup that you want to extract, click “Scan” to download it to your computer or laptop and search lost data. After scanning, you are able to select the correct file types and click the specific item to preview the detailed information. Then, select the data and files that you want to restore. At last, click “Recover” button to save them to your computer or laptop.
  2. Via iMyFone iOS system recovery. The program is made to help you fix any software issue that is experienced by your device and the issue perhaps can make your device to be disabled in the first place. Then, how to use iMyFone iOS System Recovery? First, download and install it to your laptop or computer. After downloading and installing this program, launch it from the main window. You can click “Start”. Select “Advanced mode”. Then, connect the device to your computer and click “Download” to download the recent firmware on your device. If the firmware has been downloaded, this program will start fixing the device. The process will take several minutes. If the process is complete, the device will restart. To start using it again, you can follow the instructions on the set up screen and restore the device either from iCloud or iTunes.

It is very easy, isn’t it? So, if you want to fix yor disabled iPhone without using iTunes because you do not want to lose your data, you can try to fix it using one of the two methods above.

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