How to Undisable an iPad

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Have you experienced that your iPad can not be opened because you enter the wrong password because you forget it or your iPad is played by kids so that you can not operate your iPad. If you have tried to enter the password for about 6 times respectively, your iPad will be locked and there will be a message that your iPad is disabled. And usually, it will be followed by the messages “Connect to iTunes”. The way how to undisable iPad like this is you have to restore it via iTunes or Recovery Mode. What are the steps of fixing it? We are going to explain it here.

  1. Via iTunes. You can undisable your iPad using iTunes if you have done synchronized your device to your computer previously. Connect your iPad to the computer via USB. If the computer do not synchronized with your iPad, automatically iTunes will require code. It is better if you use another computer that has synchronized with your device. If your computer has synchronized with your iPad, automatically, iTunes will synchronize with your device to create a data backup for your device. If the synchronizing is done, select “Restore Device”. And then, wait until the process of restoring done because the iTunes will download software and will install it automatically to your device. The length of this process depends on the speed of your internet connection. So, make sure that the internet connection is good so that the process will run smoothly. If the process of restore done, iTunes will ask you to manage your device to “Set up as New iPhone” or “Restore from iTunes backup”. If you want to get back your data, select “Restore”.
  2. Via Recovery Mode. You can also solve this problem by using Recovery Mode.You can connect your iPad to any computer using USB. This process will delete all of the data. The first way, you can open iTunes. If iTunes in not installed yet, you can download it. Doing this process, you do not have to synchronize in advance with the computer like the first method. Next, press and hold the power and home buttons. The button of power can be found along the top of the right side. Meanwhile, the Home button can be found in the center at the bottom. Hold both button because the iPad force restart. If you see the screen turns dark and the Apple logo appear, keep holding them. If the the logo of iTunes and USB cable appear, you can release the buttons. Click Restore in iTunes. Then, wait the process of restore until it is done. The process will take about several minutes. Then, start the process of iPad setup. And the last, Restore from a backup if it is possible. If you have a former backup and it is available in iCloud, you can restore from it when the process of setup is running.

That’s all the explanation. So, how do you undisable an iPad? You can choose one of the methods above.

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