How to Resolve Runtime Error 216 Easily

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Runtime error 216 is a notification which comes up when you are trying and load a Windows app. This error usually happens when you start up a computer using a Windows-based operating system, Internet Explorer or using another Windows-based app. Then, what is the cause of error 216? The main cause of this issue is a SubSeven Trojan virus that infects your computer. The Trojan Horse, Backdoor.SubSeven is a virus that is low risk which affects computers running Windows 95, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT and Windows XP operating system.  If your computer got infected with this kind of virus, unauthorized people can access your system via internet without your awareness.

There are some symptoms of Runtime Error 216 that you have to know.

  •             Dialog boxes will begin appearing automatically.
  •             Files are going to begin downloading with a slow rate compared to regular speed.
  •             Your files will begin disappearing or appearing.
  •             Audio files plays without your approval.
  •             CD or DVD rom is able to eject anytime.
  1. Using Kaspersky TDSSKiller

This program will find and delete any infections which were missed by the malware removal program. To use this program, you have to download TDSSKiller.exe file to a folder on your computer. If you have downloaded this program to your computer, double click on the tdsskiller.exe file to execute the program. Then, to use this program you just have to click on the Start scan button. The program like this is very important to ensure you that there are no hidden files that are lingering around in the system. A lot of users do not know that the most viral infections tend to be multifaceted in that they affect folders, registry keys, processes and the other aspects of your operating system.


  1. Enabling or Disabling the Windows Automatic Updates Options on Your Computer

To do this, you have to go to the Start menu. There, look for or go to the Control Panel. Scroll down and click on the Windows Update option there. Click on it and then open it. Check whether any update is available or not. If there is update available, Update it fast. Or there is also another way to do this method. You can g to the left side Change Settings option there. Click it and open it. Click on the drop down menu and choose the Install Updates Automatically option if you want it to update automatically. If not, you can select the other options that you want to. Click OK to save it. By doing these steps will fix the Skype Runtime Error 216 Windows 10 code problem.

  1. Using Ccleaner

When you do a fast registry scan, it can detect and repair the error. To repair your registry, you have to download and install Ccleaner. If you have installed it, right click on Recycle Bin and choose Open Ccleaner to start the program. If Ccleaner is up and running, click the Registrybutton and click Scan for Issues. If the program has done scanning, click on Fix selected issues, then it will ask you ‘do you want to backup changes to the registry?’.Click No. After that, click Fix All Selected Issues, then click Close when it is done.

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