How to Fix “Windows was unable to complete the format” for a DVD

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Saving files on a DVD-RW or CD-RW might be too outdated for most of users. In fact, they are still some users who prefer this one for some particular reasons. In this field, there is a popular error related to formatting the DVD. Do not panic when this situation ever happens to you because there are always ways to solve the problem.

The issue is why is the Windows unable to complete the format for a DVD?? Apparently, there are some common problems that prevent Windows from being able to complete the format of the DVD. The first one is the DVD is scratched, cracked, or wrong kind. The second one can be the DVD burning software is not functioning properly. Another one is the disk might only able to be written once. So, which one is yours?

If the DVD is scratched or cracked, you can use a different DVD. this one is the easiest one. When you are watching a movie and it starts skipping, it means that the DVD is scratched. Also, the issue can appear when you are trying to add files or burn the information onto a DVD on the computer. The only possible way to fix this issue is using the new DVD because the scratches and cracks might ruined the DVD. For your information, the particular blank DVDs also are not compatible for those uses. For instance, DVD-Rs can only be used once. So, please check the written information on the disk when you are buying or using it.

The second solution method is related to Windows burning software that is not working. There is a standard burning software in many Windows devices. It can make burning and writing information into DVD easier. Unfortunately, this software is not without the issues. Actually, one of the main issues causing formatting errors to pop up when looking to write information onto a DVD is this default software. So, what should you in this case? Fortunately, there are some trusted DVD burner softwares. One of the best is called Nero.

The last solution method is about the disk that can only be written on once. Then, what should you do when facing this situation? To fix this issue, you can simply purchasing a DVD-RW. It is like the only one and the simplest way.


There can be some serious issues for you while formatting errors with DVD. it would be so frustrating thing for everyone. In fact, there are simple solutions to solve this kind of issue. Just use an unscratched or cracked DVD-RW can fix the issue. Another one is downloading the new burning software. However, the first step is determining the right answer. As addition, you also have to look at the updating file and data storage technology while you are not sure about getting the new one. Remember to do not be panic when facing this kind of issue. Hope the problem can be fixed soon.

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