How to Fix Windows Activation Error Code 0xc004f014 on Windows 10

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As seen from its name, Windows Activation error code 0xc004f014 commonly appears on Windows 10 Enterprise Edition. In short, this one has something to do with activating Windows 10. When trying to activate the copy of Windows 10 Enterprise, most of the users tend to get this kind of error. On the other word, it means that Windows could not find the KMS server. The Enterprise version might be the one the most affected but the other versions of Windows are also not secure. Every time this error shows up, there is always a message written “We Couldn’t Activate Windows, Try Activating Windows Again or Contact Microsoft Support. Error Code: 0x004f014”.

How can this Windows Activation error code 0x004f014 appears on Windows 10? There are some possible reasons for getting this error. It can be because you downloaded the wrong version of Windows 10 Enterprise for the product key you own like the November build of Windows 10 Enterprise that no longer supports MAK activation. Another possible cause is when there is an issue with the server of Microsoft. As you see, all of the possible causes are nothing to do with the computer but with the servers. This one is rare but happens few times. If this is the case, then this error will be fixed automatically.

In order to erase your confusion, here are some methods that can help you to solve Windows Activation error code 0xc004f014 on Windows 10. The first one is alternating activation method. You have to press the Windows Key + R simultaneously first until the Run Prompt opens at the bottom left of the screen. Then, type in “slui.exe 3” before hitting the enter button. Next, you will face a language selection or activation screen when successfully running command. This screen will ask for the product key of Windows. After that, please type in now and then press the enter button in order to activate Windows. As a note, this method will work if you have a valid activation key.

The second one is phoning activation. In this method, you will try to activate the copy of Windows 10 via Microsoft’s Phone Activation wizard. First, press and hold the Windows key + R simultaneously to start the activation via phone. Then, type “slui.exe 4” into the Run Prompt which shows up and then hit the enter button. The next step you have to do is to select the Country/Language and then click Next. After that, please click on the option written “Phone Activation” and follow the prompts on screen to finish the activating Windows.


The third one is using an embedded OEM key. When using MAK key does not work, you can try this key to solve the issue and activate the Windows. If no one of the three methods mentioned before works, then you can try the other alternatives such as activating via KMS, calling Microsoft for KMS key, reinstalling a different build or version of Windows 10.

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