How to Fix Windows 7/8/8.1 &10 Error Code 0x80070426

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One of the error codes that encounters the users of computers, laptops, and netbooks is Windows error code 0x80070426. This error might show up suddenly on the screen, so be prepare. Anyway, do you know what is this error? What is it about? For your information, this one indicates “An error occurred in program instalization. If this problem continues, contact your System Administrator. Error Code: 0x80070426”. Basically, it is kind of the installation error. It is known as security related error.

How can this error code 0x80070426 happen? What is the reason behind it? this error can appear when you are upgrading from any of the Windows Os to Windows 10 OS. As you probably know, there is Windows Security Essentials as the security feature on any of the OS. In windows 10, there is Windows Defender that should replace the windows Security Essentials after the process of upgrading. Unfortunately, something might happen in the process of upgrading. The problem can lead to the incomplete replacement of windows Essentials files. It means that the computer will consists of both Windows Essentials and Windows Defender. No single of them is able to initialize well to provide any form of defense against virus and malware attack. As addition, the big possibility to get this error is when you installed the non genuine Windows 10 OS.

Then, how to solve this error code 0x80070426? To get rid this kind of error, you have some options that can you choose. The first method is using the automatic repair utility. This one is counted as the simplest one. in this method, there is an automatic repair utility tool called Total System Care that should be downloaded. This tool is able to scan the entire computer with only one minute. When the scan process is done, it can fix the error automatically.


The second one is restarting the security service. Please make the DVDs and CDs disable from the computer before restarting it. please hold down F8 key before the occurrence of the logo of the Windows on the screen. (as a note that the computer has one OS) or you can also use the arrow keys to highlight “Safe Mode with command prompt” if your computer has more than one OS. Here are the steps to do this second method. First, you have to type “service.msc” into Command Prompt before pressing the Enter button. Then, locate “Software Licensing” on the list of the services that show up. next, right click on “Software Licensing” and choose “Properties”. Please change “Startup yupe” to “Automatic” before clicking OK. After that, you can restart the computer.

If those methods explained above cannot work, you can try the other ones such as repairing the store, changing the sync settings, and uninstalling the Microsoft Essentials. In case this error code 0x80070426 still there even after trying those methods, please contact the professional or the expert in order to get the help and the solution.

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