How to Fix Windows (7, 10) Detected a Hard Disk Problem: Virus or Real?

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For you who are users of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or Windows XP, perhaps you have encountered with some errors. One of the errors that you find perhaps an error message that says, ” Windows detected a hard disk problem.” Then, the message will be followed by this: Back up your files immediately to prevent information loss and then contact the computer manufacturer to determine if you need to repair or replace the disk. There will be two options then whether you will Start the backup process or Ask me again later.

Well, this error can happen because of some reasons like virus attack, system error, bad sectors on hard drive, or improper operations. Here, we have some methods that you can use to get rid of this kind of error.

Use system file checker

Windows has basic tools to give a help to fix errors that is not known by many common users. A lot of problems that come up can be fixed by this simple tool. And you have to note that this tool is not complicated to use. The users do not have idea which system file is vital and whether it is damaged or not. System file checker will check the file of the system and handle the issue of integrity. To do this, you can click Start button and then fill in cmd in the search box. After that, you can click it and choose the item “Run as administrator”. In the command prompt, type sfc/ scannow and then hit enter key. The process is quick and the result will show you if there is interiority violation. Never close the window if the verification is not 100% yet.

Do a ChkDsk

To do this method, you have to get the command prompt and then enter partition drive letter (c:/d:/e: and so on) you want to chkdsk. Then, type “chkdsk” and then hit Enter key. The ChkSdk will start working. The primary function of chkdsk is checking and fixing errors for NTFS and FAT file systems. Therefore, if this error is caused by the file system error, the issue will be repaired after chkdsk. Doing this method has a risk that is you can lose your data. This can happen because the file allocation table will be modified during the process. So, it is better for you to backup the data before applying this method.


Check bad sectors for hard disk

In case there is no problem with the system or partition file system, you have to test the health condition of the hard drive. To check the bad sectors you can use PartitionGuru. It is a partition manager that is free. It can recover file and also backup system. It also has function for bad sector checking and repairing. So, to apply this method, you have to download and install it. Well, that’s all the methods to solve a hard disk problem. Hopefully, you can fix the error by doing these methods.

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