How to Fix Washing Machine Not Spinning

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Washing machine is one of the electronics that can help you to wash the clothes. Almost everyone has this thing in their home. You do not have to wash the clothes manually using your hands with this electronic. Everything will be faster and easier. As you probably know, there are two kinds of washing machine. The first one is single tub washing machine and the second one is twin tube washing machine.

Single tub washing machine has only one tube. With this kind of washing machine, the process of washing and draining is in one place. You do not have to move the clothes to the different place to drain it. Meanwhile, twin tub washing machine consists of two tubes. One tube is for washing and another one is for draining. As the contrary to the single tube washing machine, this kind of washing machine is a bit hard. It means that you have to move the clothes that have been washed in one tube to another tube in order to drain it. Many people say that this twin tube washing machine is the middle automatic washing machine.

First, see video tutorial below:

Just like any other electronics, washing machine also prones to damage. There are many problems that might happen related to the washing machine. One of the problems is that the whirlpool washing machine not spinning. The cause of this problem is the weak capacitor. This capacitor has the electrical voltage that can be used to turn on the the washing machine for the first start. This thing is located in the back of the washing machine. Other causes of it are that your washing machine does not get the electrical power, the unbalance load, or the damage of the clutch motor mover.

A lot of people often complain related to washing machine won’t spin or drain. If that situation happen to you, you must be so upset to wash or to drain your clothes, especially when you have so much dirty clothes in your home and do not have much clean clothes left to wear. Everything will be harder for you because you have to wash your clothes manually, send them to the laundry, or throw all of them and buy the new ones.

If the three alternatives seem so hard for you, then, the only answer left is fixing your washing machine. How to fix a washer that won’t spin?

One of the possible causes is the loose vanblet rubber. You can check the rubber that located in the machine. Reset it if it is really loose by drag the dynamo. Change it to the new one if it is too loose.

Aside from that, the cause of the washer that cannot spin is the damage of the dynamo. There is a part of dynamo that includes as one of the most important parts of the washing machine. Clean the dynamo well. If it is still not getting better, please check the capacitor.

There are still some other possibilities that cause your washing machine cannot spin. Go to the expert of the electronic if you face any difficulties in fixing your washing machine.

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