How to Fix Uninstall Error Code 30180-4

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Microsoft Windows is such a great operating system. There is no doubt. But, this system definitely comes with its bugs. This certain error is associated with Microsoft Office and it is usually associated with something blocking from installing the app or a communication error between it and the system.

There is an error called Uninstall Error Code 30180-4 in the computer field.What is Uninstall Error Code 30180-4? This error is considered as the new one. This kind of error will occur when you are trying to download a certain app.In fact, it can affect the users on any of the several apps associated with Microsoft Office. It seems like it only affect the users downloading the 2016 version of Microsoft Office.This error can affect any operating system of Windows after, including Windows XP. It might also appear when you are trying to download a particular app of Ms. Officesuch as Outlook or Excel.

What is the thing that causes Uninstall Error Code 30180-4? There are some things that could be the ones behind the error. It might be the firewall, the proxy, the connection of the Internet, or other things.

Then, how to fix Uninstall Error Code 30180-4? There are some solutions that can you try to get rid this kind of error. The first solution is disabling Windows Firewall. As stated before, one of the possible causes of the error is because of the settings of firewall within the operating system.This one is the quickest. First, press Win + R to go to Command Prompt and then type Firewall.cpl. Please double check that it is correct when you have typed it. Then, hit the Enter button.Microsoft Windows Firewall Window will open by typing this simple command.Next, click on Turn Windows Firewall on or off. After that, scroll down and under Home or Work Network Location Settings and Public Network Location Settings, click on one more time where it says Turn Off Windows Firewall.


The second solution is disabling Antivirus Program. The thought of this potential cause is the same thinking as firewall blocking from downloading it. The difference is that it is not the operating system but the third party app. So, you have to go to all apps and find all of the programs of antivirus on your PC. Some users do not know that they have these programs, so why it is so important that you place them all. Once all of them found, open every of them individually and then make it disable temporarily.

If you still cannot get to install Microsoft Office 2016 correctly and still receiving the same error Uninstall Error Code 30180-4, please get a help from the representative of Microsoft. You can either call its customer service or go to the official website of Microsoft.All of them are helpful. Tell them the exact situation regarding your PC and its error so that they will give the best solution.

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