How to Fix Unfortunately, TouchWiz home has stopped

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One of the most common errors faced by the users of Samsung smartphone is “unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped”. You as the user of Android will receive a pop up message consisted of that sentence. Then, your smartphone will stop and result into a restart.

When does this kind of error occur? Usually, this error happens when you try to switch from one app to another one. It also can happen when switching between the apps and the homescreen. In the rare cases, this error will appear when the usage of memory is over.

If your TouchWiz home has stopped working, you can try these following methods to fix the error without asking the expert of smartphone. There are three methods in total that you can try.

The first method is soft reset your Android device. If this error is the first time for you, this method is the best option. It works by trying to clear the memory of your phone by draining the capacitors stored electricity. The first step is you have to remove the battery of your phone while your phone device state is in active mode. Then, press the Power button for about 30 seconds (minimum) and then place the battery again in the phone. After that, please turn on your phone and check if the error already fixed or not.

The second one is try cleaning TouchWiz cache and data. To do this method, please do these steps. You have to open device Settings, scroll to Applications, tap on Application manager, select all, and find TouchWiz. When you see one, tap it and you will get to the options to clear TouchWiz cache and data. Then, tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data. It will clear all your TouchWiz cache and data. When it is done, try to navigate between the apps and homescreen and check about the whether the error still there.

The last method is wiping your Cache Partition. First, turn off your Samsung device. Then, press and hold the three buttons which are Volume Up key, Home key, and Power key. Second, release the Power key button when the phone vibrates. As the note, please keep on holding the Home key and Volume key button. Third, release the Volume Up and Home key when you are on the Android System Recovery screen. Fourth, press the Volume Down key to navigate to the “Wipe cache partition” option. Please press the power key to select. Fifth, reboot the system by pressing the Power button once the “Wipe cache partition is complete”.

Those methods to fix TouchWiz home has stopped can you try by yourself at home. Try the first one and try the other if it does not work. If no one of the methods mentioned above work, then please try factory reset or hard reset on your phone as the last option. You can also visit the branch of Samsung or the expert of the phone if you face any difficulties.

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