How to Fix Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped Error on Android

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Some users of Android cannot wait for the release of the new update of Android, some others are struggling with the error on the device that cause related to the update. That issue is known as “Unfortunately contacts has stopped” error. Every error, including this one, can be annoying especially when you have to do a phone call, send a message, or other activities.

This kind of error mostly hits the Samsung phones. However, other phones are also not in safe mode. Just be calm and do not panic. In this page, you will be given the method to fix the issue. Before going to the method, it is better for you to now the cause of the error first. In most cases, this error is caused by either the cache or the contacts corrupted. You do not need t dig more about it, please just follow these following instructions below so the error can be fixed.

The first solution is clearing the cache and data for contacts. The first thing you have to do is to troubleshoot the app. if you do not know the exact cause of the error, it is better for you to force restart the app by clearing the cache and restoring it to default settings. This step will not erase the contact list. Please try out this solution by following the steps. First, tap on the icon that opens up Apps in the homes screen. Second, select the Settings option. Third, go to “Applications” within the settings and then tap on “Application Manager”. Fourth, click the option to view All. fifth, scroll down the list and find “Contacts”. Sixth, select the option to clear cache within the contacts settings. Last, select the Clear data button and then tap on OK.

The second solution is resetting the app preferences or uninstalling the previous update. This one can you try if you now that it is the external third party app that cause the error. The first thing you have to do is to tap on the icon that opens up the Apps in the home screen. Then, select the settings app. next, scroll the apps and find Application Manager. After that, please select the option “Reset app preferences”. The last one is to select “Reset default apps”. As the note, the last step is optional.


If those steps are not helping, there is another alternative. In this method, you will boot the phone into the safe mode. To do this method, first, turn off the phone. Then, hold down the Power key. After that, please release the key you are holding when the name of the phone appears on the screen. Next, press and hold down the volume key immediately after releasing the Power key. Please keep holding down the volume key until the device restarted. in a few minute, you will see a text written “Safe Mode” which is located in the bottom left of the screen. Lastly, please release hold of the volume key when you see that “Safe Mode” text.

How is it? All methods explained above are easy to follow, right? Whichever method you want to try, hopefully you can get rid of the error soon.

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