How to Fix “THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER” on Windows 7/8/8.1 &10

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The “Thread Stuck in Device Driver” error is one of the error messages you might face after you are starting your computer or after a few minutes. This error can appear after installation of a driver, OS, or updates. It is called driver specific error. It is when a driver file loops when waiting for related hardware to idle. The situation is the computer will lag and strain before the system crashes. When you see “Thread Stuck in Device Driver” on the screen, it means that you can get the error whatever version of Windows you use whether it is Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10. All you can see is the blue screen.

Why does this error occur? There are many reasons behind the occurrence of this error. Some of them are a harm device driver (s), the misconfigured device driver(s), an old device driver(s), the incompatible driver(s), the overheating of the computer system, the harm or faulty device, and so on. The major causes of this error are all of driver issues related to video, sound card, and graphic card drivers.

Then, how to fix this “Thread Stuck in Device Driver” error? There are several methods that can you try to fix this kind of error. The first one is the basic one. the first thing you have to do whenever you deal with any Windows error messages is to make sure the health status of the computer. Be sure that the computer has Sufficient RAM that can solve the error when rebooting the computer. Also, please check any device you installed recently in case it is not incompatible with the computer system. It is also better for you to determine the correct drivers for the devices. This basic steps also include the scan of the system for malware or viruses and corrupt system and registry files.

The second one is updating the driver. In this case, it is better for you to know the device you are using when the error happens. By figuring this, you are able to identify the drivers related to a specific device that might be the cause of the error. To do this, first, find the computer with “Device Manager” and then open it. Then, you will see all the hardware which are attached to the computer. Please expand them all. the next thing you have to do is to check if there is any yellow triangle with black exclamation mark after the adapter or device. Then, right click on the adapter or device before clicking on the properties in order to update the driver. After that, please restart the computer to check the appearance of the error.


If those methods explained above cannot help you to get rid this error, then you might try the other alternatives. These alternatives are here for you such as replacing the device, controlling the temperature, restoring the system, accelerating zero hardware settings, and so on. Hope one of them works for you. Good luck!

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