How to Fix Page Fault in Nonpaged Area Windows 10

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In Windows, there is a popular error named BSOD or Blue Screen of Death. It can appear due to several reasons. Every time, it would throw the new error. One of the errors in Windows is Page Fault in Nonpaged Area error. Usually, this kind of error happens because of the power outage and this issue is definitely not something that can be fixed easily with just few clicks.

This Page Fault in Nonpaged area is not only limited to one version of Windows OS. It can appear in Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. If you face this kind of error frequently and Windows does not fix it automatically, here are some methods to fix it for you.

Before going to the methods to get rid of the issue, it is better for you to know about the reason of this error. In most cases, the culprit of Page Fault In Nonpaged Area is power outage. When the computer turned off without shutting down properly because of the power failure, the error might appear as the OS might be corrupted. Another reason of the occurrence of this error is the anti virus program or the faulty RAM.

Then, how to fix this Page Fault In Nonpaged Area? There are several methods that can you try to fix it. The first one is using Windows Advanced Options. Please start the computer in Windows Advanced Options and then choose the last known good configuration that is the most settings that worked before the computer started to show the error. To do this one, you have to turn off the computer completely and then start the computer and you are able to see the black screen while booting. The moment you see some white text on the screen, you have to press F8 key on the keyboard (in case F8 is not working, please press F2 instead). Just keep pressing it until you Windows Advance Options Menu can be seen. In the Advanced Options Menu, please select Last Known Good Configuration before hitting the Enter button.


This step will start the computer in last known good configuration and is able to stop Page Fault In Nonpaged Area error temporarily. The next step is to restart the computer by pressing F12 or F10 if F12 is not working for you. There will be a new menu after pressing F12 for a few seconds. Just find and select Disable Memory cache. Once it is done, please save the setting and exit. After that, you have to restart the computer and allow it to reboot well. Once it booted, please press Windows logo + Ron the keyboard and type in “chkdsk/f/r C:” in the Run window before hitting the Enter button.

If that method above does not work, you can try the other alternatives such as disabling the automatic paging file size manager, disabling and updating the Faulty Device Driver, removing RAM Strip and Reinsert, and accessing Recovery Partition.

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