How to Fix Ntkrnlmp.exe Error Code in Windows: High CPU Usage

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Are you the user of Windows? Have you ever got some problems when you are using it? Sometime, there are many problems which occur on Windows. One of problems is Ntkrnlmp.exe Error Code. Ntkrnlmp.exe file isbelongs to Microsoft Windows NT operating systems. It is an executable file which contains the instructions for a specific task. Sometime, the executable file happen error which cause the PC slow down and the usage of CPU process memory become excessive. Why Ntkrnlmp.exe error can occur? Some reason why Ntkrnlmp.exe error can occur is due to the incorrect BIOS settings on your computer or your RAM is faulty. There are lists of ntkrnlmp.exe error messages that can make the Windows startup to shut down. In the text below, you can see a list of things which can make corruption in your ntkrnlmp.exe files:

  1. The corrupt Windows registry keys.
  2. Another program which have been deleted that be maliciously.
  3. The incomplete installation or the corrupted download.
  4. Virus or malware infection.

In a case, if you get Ntkrnlmp.exe error due to the incorrect BIOS settings on your computer, so you have to change your BIOS settings to default. Let’s follow the steps below to change your BIOS settings to default.

  1. At first to apply default BIOS settings, you have to enter your BIOS setup.
  2. Then please select and save the default BIOS settings.

To fix Ntkrnlmp.exe Error Code in Windows you can disable the system updates. Let’s see the steps below.

  1. At first you have to go to start menu.
  2. Then please select “Settings app” and then open System.
  3. After that you have to go to “notification and Actions”.
  4. Next, please search for the “Show me tips about Windows” option and you can uncheck it.
  5. The last, you can reboot your computer.

In addition, if you get Ntkrnlmp.exe error due to faulty RAM, so the best solution is replace the faulty RAM to resolve it.

The text below is the other steps to fix Ntkrnlmp.exe errors which can you follow step by step.

  1. At first step, you have to carry out a full Malware scan of your PC by using a trusted Antivirus.
  2. In a case, sometime your system is loaded with junk files. These files can be temporary. But sometimes they do not behave properly. Therefore, you should ensure to remove them manually.
  3. If you are using old drivers, it will not only lag your computer but also make bad performance of important hardware. So, regularly you have to update your drivers using trustable sources.
  4. You have to do a process Run Windows System File Checker “sfc/scannow”.
  5. The last step, you can install an available Windows media via clean installation method.


Well that is the explanation about the methods to fix Ntkrnlmp.exe Error Code in Windows. If you get that error, so you can fix it by the methods above. We hope this article is useful for you and your problem is resolved.

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